"The SnapLogic Integration Cloud provides customers with a quick and easy on-ramp to Amazon RDS. SnapLogic can connect to any combination of data sources whether they are on-premise or cloud-based. SnapLogic can elastically handle data integration and event-based real-time workloads in a single platform. AWS customers have found great value in the SnapLogic Integration Cloud for the following reasons:

  • Fast Time to Value: improve your return on integration projects by at least 7x by leveraging a multi-tenant browser-based Designer. Customers can get up and running in minutes and the HTML5 drag-and-drop user experience abstracts out many technical complexities so you can rapidly snap and assemble the most complex integration flows.
  • Multi-Point Connectivity: with its rich pre-built intelligent connectors for 160+ data sources called Snaps, you can easily integrate any combination of data sources, including Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, on-premise databases, SaaS apps, enterprise apps, sensors, and social media, among others. Pre-built connectors allow you to easily on-ramp and off-ramp sources and targets in and out of your integration flows without hand-coding.
  • Modern Platform: SnapLogic Integration Cloud streams data between applications, databases, files, social and big data sources via the Snaplex. The industry’s first self-upgrading execution network, the Snaplex elastically manages your integration capacity planning and is built to handle batch and real-time integration requirements. You can run the Snaplex in the cloud, or behind the firewall for hybrid deployments involving on-premise enterprise applications such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • Powered by Amazon EC2: SnapLogic Integration Cloud runs on Amazon EC2. The proximity of SnapLogic and AWS infrastructures makes SnapLogic your ideal partner for integrating with Amazon technologies."

"Relational databases are the backbone of any enterprise IT architecture. Amazon RDS makes it very easy to get up and running with Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server relational databases in the cloud. This offering is gaining rapid adoption due to its low friction setup and administration, and affordable usage-based pricing model."

"You can use the SnapLogic Integration Cloud in every phase of Amazon RDS lifecycle. The SnapLogic Integration Cloud can be used for the initial bulk upload of data to operationalize Amazon RDS. This upload can be done across datasets from multiple data sources. You can also design integration flows to synchronize data changes between these data sources and Amazon RDS. Customers can also use the SnapLogic Integration Cloud to create on-premise backups of Amazon RDS." - Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman and CEO, SnapLogic