"Zoomdata is a real-time big data visualization and analytics company based in Reston, VA. Zoomdata connects to streaming real-time and historical data and powers an array of beautiful, customizable, and embeddable visualizations through a user experience designed for web, touch, and mobile interfaces. Zoomdata connects to internal and external data sources, combines, merges, and crunches data streams, and allows for unprecedented collaborative real-time data analysis."

"Amazon RDS makes it easy for Zoomdata users to manage their relational data without worrying about the traditional details and complexity of database administration. This allows Zoomdata users to connect to relational database systems as well as modern, columnar data stores such as Amazon Redshift and fast SQL on HDFS, and fuse data together regardless of the back-end system that holds the data."

"Zoomdata provides a connector to Amazon RDS. Users simple enter basic information about the location of their Amazon RDS database, and Zoomdata connects to it, reads the metadata, and provides the ability to instantly analyze and visualize the underlying data in a modern, easy-to-use, business-friendly, touch-first flexible user interface." - Justin Langseth, President and CEO, Zoomdata