The Data Virtuality Platform enables detailed insights from real-time and historical data with any BI tool. With Data Virtuality, customers are able to load data from a large number of sources into Amazon Redshift, and run live queries combining data from Redshift and other data sources in real-time. By combining data virtualization with an automated ETL engine, customers can reduce their data integration effort by 80% and gain faster business insights.

Based on a sophisticated architecture, the platform is highly scalable and provides three solutions covering every use case:

  • PIPES: Self-Service Data Pipeline Solution integrates data from Salesforce, NetSuite, AdWords and 150+ other data sources into Redshift with a mouse click.
  • PIPES PROFESSIONAL: A Managed Data Pipeline Solution with no hassle for you, as our solution engineers will take care of the set up.
  • LOGICAL DATA WAREHOUSE (LDW): All-around Data Management Solution to load, query, and model data.

Data Virtuality ingests data from many different sources into Amazon Redshift using 150+ ready connectors, and helps to run distributed queries across multiple data sources. These queries can span Redshift and other databases and data sources to return results in near real time.

Data Virtuality offers a 14-day free trial on AWS Marketplace.




  • Saves data integration time and resources by 80%
  • One programming language to talk to all data – SQL
  • 150+ pre-built data source connectors, including Amazon Redshift, Salesforce, NetSuite, Google AdWords, and many more
  • Set up time for any solution in one day or less
  • Highly flexible to grow and change as customer requirements change

Sign-up for Data Virtuality Pipes on AWS Marketplace, or request an individual demo for the Logical Data Warehouse. You can connect and start working with data sources within a few minutes. For Pipes, we offer a 14 days free trial!

Free Demo for the Logical Data Warehouse

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