provides Performance Insights for Amazon Redshift. It is a real-time analytics platform that collects metrics from your Amazon Redshift cluster and transforms them into actionable insights about cluster performance, storage, and all the apps and users who touch your data.’s unique query-wrapping technology traces the end-to-end performance of all queries executing on the cluster and ties them back to the app and user that ran the query. This allows you to measure SLAs for all tools connected to your cluster, down to the individual user, for dashboards and reporting, data integration services, and workflow orchestration like Apache Airflow. In addition, you can drill-down to the root cause of issues causing slow performance like resource starvation or contention.


  • Spot problems before users do. Measure and trend performance of all queries and Apps. Rank DAGs and dashboards. Detect rogue and resource wasting queries. Monitor behavior of individual users
  • Have confidence to scale your data volume. Optimize WLM parameters for concurrency & memory. Get more out of storage - find “cold” tables. Detect bottlenecks that cause queries to be slow
  • Eliminate the fire fighting. Root cause analysis of performance issues. See the cost of user queries & their resource impact. Find the jobs or users consuming storage.
  • Get expert support. We run massive Amazon Redshift clusters in our own data infrastructure. Our support team consists of experts at running Amazon Redshift at scale.

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Instantly understand Amazon Redshift performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks. Amazon Redshift is incredibly powerful. But scaling your workloads takes careful planning. We take the guesswork out of that, so you can spend more time being creative with your data.

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