"The SnapLogic Integration Cloud provides a fast, multi-point and modern approach to on ramping your data to Amazon Redshift. The Elastic IntegrationTM platform as a service (iPaas) can rapidly transform and load data into Redshift and then keep the data synchronized with source systems on a real-time and batch basis.

Running on AWS, the SnapLogic Integration Cloud delivers a flexible connectivity layer that integrates any combination of data sources using pre-built, intelligent connectors called Snaps. Snaps are available for cloud applications like Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow; on-premises enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle EBS; databases such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon RDS; sensors, social media, and more.

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud has the only modern iPaaS architecture that can handle both extract, transform, and load (ETL) and real-time and event-based synchronization workloads in a single platform. The Designer is the both the most intuitive and powerful visual drag and drop interface in the market, enabling analyst-level 'Citizen Developers' to develop and maintain integrations with any coding."

"Amazon Redshift and SnapLogic jointly deliver a true cloud data warehousing experience to customers. In this ‘Golden Age of Data’, Amazon Redshift delivers easy-to-use, scalable, sub-$1000 per terabyte per year data warehousing. Jointly, Redshift and SnapLogic lower the cost and entry-effort of moving and storing large quantities of data, and enables customers to take on what was previously unaffordable or undoable."


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The SnapLogic Integration Cloud for Amazon Redshift delivers 10x faster time to value by allowing users to rapidly load and synchronize data from Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL to Redshift with an intuitive five-step wizard.

"SnapLogic simplifies and automates the loading of massive volumes of data from multiple sources into Amazon Redshift via an Amazon Redshift Snap at a fraction of the cost of traditional data integration solutions - without writing a single line of code. The platform also allows customers to synchronize source data with Redshift data in real-time, to support use cases such as digital marketing, social media and web analytics. With the adoption of Redshift, your data gravity shifts from on-premise to the cloud. SnapLogic is the only true cloud integration vendor that is both 100% cloud-based and also provides elasticity to scale up and down with your needs. SnapLogic’s RedShift Snap offers special optimization that decreases the number of steps needed to load data into Redshift."

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