Amazon Redshift Serverless

Get insights from data in seconds without having to manage data warehouse infrastructure

Benefits of Amazon Redshift Serverless

Focus on obtaining insights by getting started quickly and running real-time or predictive analytics on all your data without worrying about managing data warehouse infrastructure.
Intelligent, proactive, and automatic scaling for dynamic workloads is enabled along dimensions like query complexity, frequency, ETL (extract, transform, and load), or dashboarding usage patterns to deliver tailored performance optimizations.
Pay only for what you use on a per-second basis, and pay nothing when the data warehouse is idle. Adjust your desired price-performance targets for your workload to maintain consistent performance and stay on budget.

Why Amazon Redshift Serverless?

Easily run analytics workloads of any size without managing data warehouse infrastructure. Developers, data scientists, and data analysts can work across data warehouses and data lakes to build reporting and dashboarding applications, perform real-time analytics, collaborate on data, and build and train machine learning (ML) models. You pay only for what you use, so you save on costs. Amazon Redshift Serverless offers flexibility to support a diverse set of workloads of varying complexity, starting at a low price point. The new AI-driven scaling and optimization technology (available in preview) enables Amazon Redshift Serverless to automatically and proactively provision and scale data warehouse capacity, delivering fast performance for even the most demanding workloads. The system uses AI techniques to learn customer workload patterns across key dimensions, such as concurrent queries, query complexity, influx of data volume, and ETL patterns. It then continually adjusts resources throughout the day and applies tailored performance optimizations. These holistic and AI-enhanced techniques provide the best optimization for a given workload. You can set a desired price-performance target, and the data warehouse automatically scales to meet it. Load data and start querying right away in an easy-to-use, zero administration environment.

Use cases

Perform what-if analyses, anomaly detection, and ML-based forecasting, and get fast, actionable insights from your data.

No longer spend time determining compute capacity and encountering overspending or underserving as you run workloads with regular usage throughout the day and peaks of activity that involve complex, hard-to-predict queries.

Unsure of how to size your data warehouse when deploying a new data-driven application? Start an Amazon Redshift Serverless endpoint, and your data warehouse will be sized according to your workload requirements.

Have applications with high variability in usage? Think of your HR, budgeting, and operational reporting applications. You no longer have to over- or under-provision capacity. Avoid overpaying, performance issues, and poor user experiences.

For multi-tenant applications with each tenant having specific busy and idle periods—depending on the time of day, year, promotional events, and so on—architect to use a workgroup for each tenant with a wide capacity range. Any workgroup can quickly scale up to handle periods of high activity.

Customers and partners

  • Peloton
  • Peloton embraces Amazon Redshift Serverless to unlock the value of data.

    "Peloton aims to help people around the world reach their fitness goals through its connected fitness equipment and subscription-based classes. At Peloton, we collect and process a variety of data ranging from hardware sales to instructor trends and user workout data to create and refine our business decisions for better customer experiences. However, analytics workloads are becoming more complex, causing our database administrators to spend a lot more time in changing capacity thresholds and performing manual database optimizations. Leveraging the new optimizations capabilities in Amazon Redshift Serverless, we can eliminate even more of the data warehouse management tasks, making it more cost-efficient while delivering better performance."

    Jerry Wang, Director of Data Engineering, Peloton

  • NextGen Healthcare
  • NextGen Healthcare is a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions on a mission to improve the lives of those who practice medicine and their patients.

    NextGen Healthcare
    "Our NextGen Population Health solution provides actionable insights directly to care teams via the aggregation and transformation of multisource data. Optimizing our systems to reduce manual interventions like setting up and managing data warehouse infrastructure is critical to our success. With Amazon Redshift Serverless, we’re no longer managing complex warehouse orchestration systems. Amazon Redshift Serverless has improved workload performance, and its auto-scaling capabilities allow us to use the speed of Amazon Redshift for even our most dynamic workloads while only paying for what we use. We're excited to migrate additional workloads to Amazon Redshift Serverless. It's a game changer."

    Owen Zacharias, Vice President, Application Delivery, NextGen Healthcare

  • Matillion
  • Matillion is a cloud-native data integration platform that helps modern teams transform their business with data.

    "Enterprises are continuously looking for ways to leverage cloud platforms for analytics projects to reduce costs and increase productivity without sacrificing performance. With Amazon Redshift Serverless, data teams can start their cloud journey with convenient, easy-to-use, on-demand data warehousing and pay-as-you-go pricing. We're excited to leverage Amazon Redshift Serverless, which integrates natively with Matillion to help teams transform and sync data and accelerate time to insights regardless of scale."

    Rob Cornell, Head of Cloud and Technology Alliances, Matillion

  • Sedric
  • Sedric is an AI risk and compliance excellence platform designed for the new generation of fintech.

    "Ease of use and self-service data access is key for our analytics initiatives. With 'Amazon Redshift Serverless, we don't have to think about managing the data warehouse. Data from Amazon S3 gets loaded seven times faster than our previous solution, helping us get actionable insights from the millions of customer events loaded. We are thrilled with the performance improvements and cost optimizations we are seeing with Amazon Redshift Serverless.”

    Tomer Levi, Vice President of R&D, Sedric

  • Roche
  • Roche is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world and the leading provider of cancer treatments globally.

    "Amazon Redshift Serverless helps us complete our data management without having to manage clusters and optimizes our cost by provisioning just the right amount of capacity to meet demand. Amazon Redshift Serverless is reducing the operational burden, lowering costs, and enabling scale for the Roche Go-to-Market domain. This simplification is a game changer, helping us rapidly onboard and support a variety of analytics-heavy use cases without friction."

    Dr. Yannick Misteli, Lead Cloud Platform & ML Engineer, Roche

  • Huron
  • Huron is a global professional services firm that collaborates with clients to create sound strategies, optimize operations, accelerate digital transformation, and empower businesses and their people to own their future.

    "We're thrilled to include Amazon Redshift Serverless as an exciting addition to our data analytics workflow. This offering seamlessly replaces several parts of our previous infrastructure, and its simplicity makes it very easy to use. Amazon Redshift Serverless drastically helps reduce data engineering latency and acts as a force-multiplier in accelerating development. Implementing Amazon Redshift Serverless helped us cut through our data engineering backlog and now allows us to spend more of our time gathering insights from the data."

    Harry Gollakota, Data Engineer, Huron

  • Informatica
  • Informatica provides an end-to-end cloud data management platform that connects, manages, unifies, and governs data, empowering enterprises to modernize and advance their data strategies.

    "Organizations today are looking to expand data and analytics but face challenges with data silos, cost constraints, and infrastructure management. Amazon Redshift Serverless helps address these challenges by automatically provisioning and scaling resources to meet demand, making it easy to run analytics without the need to set up and manage data warehouse infrastructure or the worry of incurring excess costs by overprovisioning for peak demand. Together with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud on AWS, Amazon Redshift Serverless helps us provide Informatica customers with a serverless data and analytics foundation to power their most business-critical initiatives."

    Rik Tamm-Daniels, GVP Ecosystems, Informatica

  • The Rail Delivery Group (RDG)
  • The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) brings together the companies that run Britain’s railway into a single team to deliver a better railway experience.

    "Amazon Redshift Serverless delivers high performance for our teams, and because it automatically provisions and manages the underlying data warehouse, more of our business users can quickly and easily get insights from data. Amazon Redshift Serverless automatically scales data warehouse capacity to handle even our most demanding and unpredictable workloads, helping us lower our costs and expand the use of analytics across our organization." 

    Toby Ayre, Head of Data and Analytics, RDG

  • Schoo
  • Schoo encourages people to keep learning new things for a lifetime by offering live video streaming services and online community.

    “Our analytics workloads are often small since we are running multiple different data exploration and experimental workloads in our growing business as a startup company. For these small analytics workloads, we often used services from other vendors that required us to introduce security concerns in transferring data. We already heavily use AWS services, and Amazon Redshift Serverless is perfect for us to consolidate the entire analytics workload onto one platform. With the introduction of smaller RPU configuration in Redshift Serverless, we no longer need to worry about infrastructure tuning or security risks and can accommodate many small analytics workloads. In addition, we believe this new feature will enable us to operate a high-performant data analytics platform at an affordable cost, saving 20% more than other analytics vendors."

    Yuichi Komatsu, Data Engineer, Development Unit, Schoo