Release: Amazon Simple Pay on 2009-04-29

Release Notes>Release: Amazon Simple Pay on 2009 04 29
This is a major release of a new Amazon Simple Pay feature—Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions. With this release the documentation for Amazon Simple Pay has been re-organized into a Getting Started Guide and an Advanced Guide.


Submitted By: T. Johnson
Release Date: April 29, 2009 12:00 AM GMT
Latest Version: 2008-09-17
Created On: April 29, 2009 4:57 PM GMT
Last Updated: April 30, 2009 12:22 AM GMT

New Features

Feature Description
Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions enables you to charge your customers on a recurring basis using a single authorization from the customer. Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions helps you add subscription feature on your website in a few hours. It provides you the ability to configure different variables for a subscription like terms, frequency, amount etc. It’s as simple as copy-and-paste of the button HTML code to your website. Your customers can pay using the information in their account without having to re-enter credit card numbers or shipping addresses.
New product documentation Amazon Simple Pay Implementation guide has been reorganized into a Getting Started Guide and an Advanced Guide:
  • Amazon Simple Pay Getting Started Guide— Intended for merchants who want to enable simple custom made payments solutions on their web sites or applications. The guide is intended for merchants or developers and requires basic understanding of HTML.
  • Amazon Simple Pay Advanced Guide— Intended for merchants and developers who want to use advance features provided by Amazon Simple Pay.

Known Issues

Issue Description Impact
 IE6 on Vista Co-branded pages on Internet Explorer 6 on the Windows Vista platform do not work. IE6 users on Vista platform will not be able to use co-branded pages. The impact of this, however, is limited as Vista comes preloaded with IE8.
Pre-notification email In  Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions, subscribers do not get a pre-notification email if the first transaction is on a future date. Customers will not be notified of their first payment. They, however, are explicitly shown the date on which the first payment will be made.

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