Release: AWS SDK for PHP 1.6.1

Release Notes>Release: AWS SDK for PHP 1.6.1
This release adds support for enabling DNS Hostnames and disabling DNS Resolutions in Amazon VPC, event notification subscriptions in Amazon RDS, and cancelling stack updates in AWS CloudFormation.


Submitted By: lindblom
Latest Version: 1.6.1
Created On: March 11, 2013 5:21 PM GMT
Last Updated: March 11, 2013 5:21 PM GMT

NOTE: These release notes are for AWS SDK for PHP 1.x. For the newest and most up-to-date SDK, please consider upgrading to the AWS SDK for PHP 2 which has support for additional services like Amazon Glacier, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon Elastic Transcoder.


New Features

Change Description

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

  • Added support for enabling DNS Hostnames and disabling DNS Resolution (for Amazon VPC) in the Amazon EC2 client.
  • Added support for enumerating account attributes in the Amazon EC2 client.
  • Added support for copying AMIs across regions in the Amazon EC2 client.

Amazon Relational Database Service

Added support for event notification subscriptions in the Amazon RDS client.

AWS CloudFormation

Added support for cancelling stack updates in the AWS CloudFormation client.

Resolved Issues

Change Description

Amazon Simple Storage Service

  • Resolved an issue where the restore_archived_object method in the Amazon S3 client was not working properly.
  • Resolved an issue where in some cases the get_object_list method of the Amazon S3 client was causing errors.

Known Issues

For a list of known issues, please see _docs/ in the SDK package.

Supported API Versions

The AWS SDK for PHP supports the following services and API versions:

Service API Version
Amazon CloudFront 2012-03-15
Amazon CloudSearch 2011-02-01
Amazon CloudWatch 2010-08-01
Amazon DynamoDB 2011-12-05
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 2013-02-01
Amazon ElastiCache 2012-11-15
Amazon Elastic MapReduce 2009-03-31
Amazon Relational Database Service 2013-01-10
Amazon Simple Storage Service 2006-03-01
Amazon SimpleDB 2009-04-15
Amazon Simple Email Service 2010-12-01
Amazon Simple Notification Service 2010-03-31
Amazon Simple Queue Service 2012-11-05
Amazon Simple Workflow Service 2012-01-25
Auto Scaling 2011-01-01
AWS CloudFormation 2010-05-15
AWS Elastic Beanstalk 2010-12-01
AWS Identity and Access Management 2010-05-08
AWS Import/Export 2010-06-01
AWS Security Token Service 2011-06-15
AWS Storage Gateway 2012-06-30
Elastic Load Balancing 2012-06-01
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