Release: AWS SDK for Java 1.3.25

Release Notes>Release: AWS SDK for Java 1.3.25
This release adds support for Amazon Glacier range retrieval and Amazon S3 tiered storage.


Submitted By: Zach Musgrave
Created On: November 14, 2012 2:42 AM GMT
Last Updated: November 14, 2012 2:42 AM GMT


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New Features

Change Description

Amazon Glacier Range Retrievals

Amazon Glacier now supports retrieval of specific ranges of your archives. Developers can initiate a job requesting Amazon Glacier to prepare an entire archive or a portion of the archive for subsequent download. When an archive is very large, it can be more cost effective to initiate several sequential jobs to prepare your archive.

For more information, see Downloading an Archive in Amazon Glacier in the Amazon Glacier Developer Guide.

Amazon S3 Support for Archiving Data to Amazon Glacier

Amazon S3 now provides a storage option that enables developers to utilize Amazon Glacier's low-cost storage service for data archival. To archive objects, developers can define archival rules identifying objects and a timeline for archiving these objects to Amazon Glacier.

New Amazon EC2 instance type enums

The Amazon EC2 client now supports enum values for two new instance types, m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge

Supported API Versions

This release of the SDK supports the following API versions:

Service API Version
Amazon CloudFront 2012-05-05
Amazon CloudFront 2012-03-15 (deprecated)
Amazon CloudSearch 2011-02-01
Amazon CloudWatch 2010-08-01
Amazon DynamoDB 2011-12-05
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 2012-10-14
Amazon Elastic MapReduce 2009-03-31
Amazon ElastiCache 2012-03-09
Amazon Glacier 2012-06-01
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) 2012-09-17
Amazon Route 53 2012-02-29
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) 2010-12-01
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) 2010-03-31
Amazon Simple Queue Service 2012-11-05
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) 2006-03-01
Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) 2012-01-25
Amazon SimpleDB 2009-04-15
Auto Scaling 2011-01-01
AWS Cloud Formation 2010-05-15
AWS Elastic Beanstalk 2010-12-01
AWS Identity and Access Management 2010-05-08
AWS Import/Export 2010-06-01
AWS Security Token Service 2011-06-15
AWS Storage Gateway 2012-06-30
Elastic Load Balancing 2011-11-15
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