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This release of Amazon Mechanical Turk includes a new API, version 2006-06-20, with several new features, including bonus payments and private HITs.


Submitted By: Dan@AWS
Created On: June 30, 2006 9:14 AM GMT
Last Updated: June 30, 2006 11:32 PM GMT

Release Date: 2006-06-30
Latest WSDL/API Version: 2006-06-20

New Features

Feature Description
New API version The latest version of the Mechanical Turk Requester Service API is: 2006-06-20

To use the new API, make sure your application is specifying the API version in each request: SOAP users, upgrade your application to the latest WSDL. REST users, specify the Version parameter with a value of 2006-06-20 with each request, and use the latest schema. See the Developer Guide for more information.
Bonus payments You can now pay a Worker who completes a HIT an amount of money in addition to the HIT reward. To give a Worker a bonus payment, after you approve the Worker's assignment, call the GrantBonus operation with the assignment ID and the amount of the bonus payment.

Mechanical Turk charges a fee for bonus payments, similar to the fee charged for paying the HIT reward. For more information about Mechanical Turk pricing, see the Amazon Mechanical Turk page at the Amazon Web Services web site.
Private HIT questions You can now control which Workers can see the question data for a HIT when the HIT is previewed. When you specify Qualification requirements for your HIT, you can indicate which requirements must be met by a Worker for the Worker to be able to see the HIT's question data when previewing the HIT.

You can specify that a Worker must only meet some of the requirements to preview the HIT. A Worker must meet all requirements to accept and complete a HIT.
Requester statistics changes This release includes two new statistics related to bonus payments: TotalBonusPayout and TotalBonusFeePayout, the total amounts you have paid in bonuses and bonus fees, respectively.

This release also includes a new statistic, TotalRewardFeePayout, which represents the total amount you have paid in reward fees. This replaces TotalFeePayout, which used to have this definition.

TotalFeePayout and TotalRewardAndFeePayout are now deprecated, and may be removed in a future version of the API. To calculate TotalFeePayout, add TotalRewardFeePayout and TotalBonusFeePayout. To calculate TotalRewardAndFeePayout add TotalRewardPayout and TotalRewardFeePayout.

In addition to being deprecated, TotalFeePayout now includes both reward fees and bonus fees in the total. If your application uses this statistic, make sure it works with the new definition.

Known Issues

Issue Description
DisableHIT does not dispose of "reviewable" HITs The June 14, 2006 release of Mechanical Turk introduced a change to the DisableHIT operation, such that the operation no longer works on HITs in the "reviewable" state. Prior to this change, a "reviewable" HIT would be automatically disposed. Today, calling DisableHIT on a "reviewable" HIT returns an error. This change applied to all versions of the API.

This change to DisableHIT was not entirely intentional, and so we did not announce the change properly in the release notes. We apologize for any inconvenience the suddenness of this change has caused.

We are working to re-introduce the ability to quickly and automatically settle a HIT, regardless of its state. In the meantime, call DisableHIT on active HITs, and call DisposeHIT on reviewable HITs. If you want more control over how submitted assignments are approved, call ForceExpireHIT on active HITs.

If you have any questions or information regarding a potential bug,please let us know using the "Contact Us" form on the Requester website.Visit,select "FAQ" from the upper-right-hand corner, then select "ContactUs."

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