Release: Amazon Mechanical Turk on 2006-09-20

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This release of the Amazon Mechanical Turk includes a new versionof the API, known as "2006-08-23" with several new features,including the ability to ask Workers to upload a file as part of ananswer; the ability to reject Qualification requests, to revokegranted Qualifications, to query granted Qualifications, and to queryyour HITs by Qualification requirement; and the ability to include abrief message when you approve or reject an assignment.


Submitted By: Craig@AWS
Created On: September 11, 2006 9:48 PM GMT
Last Updated: September 20, 2006 9:50 PM GMT

Release Date: 2006-09-20
Latest WSDL/API Version: 2006-08-23

New Features

Feature Description
New API version The latest version of the Mechanical Turk Requester Service API is: 2006-08-23

To use the new API, make sure your application is specifying the API version in each request: SOAP users, upgrade your application to the latest WSDL. REST users, specify the Version parameter with a value of 2006-08-23 with each request, and use the latest schema. See the Developer Guide for more information.
File upload answers

You can now ask a Worker to upload a file as part of an answer to a HIT.

Amazon Mechanical Turk prompts the Worker to upload the file using a web browser, then stores the file alongside the HIT answer data. Your application calls the GetFileUploadURL operation to obtain a temporary URL for the uploaded file. Your application has 60 seconds to initiate a download of the file using the temporary URL.

New Qualification management operations

You can now reject a Qualification request. Rejecting a Qualification request does not change the Worker's Qualification score: If the Worker does not have the Qualification at the time of the rejection, the Worker continues to not have it. If the Worker already has the Qualification, the Qualification's value is unchanged. To reject a Qualification request, call the RejectQualificationRequest operation.

You can now revoke a granted Qualification from a Worker. You can revoke a Qualification any time after it is granted. After the Qualification has been revoked, the Worker will no longer qualify for HITs that require the Qualification be present. You can still query the Qualification score of a revoked Qualification using the GetQualificationScore operation. (You cannot re-grant the Qualification without having the Worker submit a new Qualification request.)

You can now query all of the Qualifications you have granted for one of your Qualification types. To query all Qualifications for a type, call the GetQualificationsForQualificationType operation. The operation can return all active Qualifications for a type, or all revoked Qualifications for a type.

The Qualification data structure, returned by the GetQualificationScore and GetQualificationsByQualificationType operations, has a new field that indicates whether or not the Qualification was revoked.

Finally, you can now query all of your HITs that have a Qualification requirement based on a given Qualification type. To query HITs by Qualification requirement, call the GetHITsForQualificationType operation.

Requester Feedback

You can now include a short message to the Worker when you approve or reject an assignment (with the ApproveAssignment and RejectAssignment operations). The Worker will see this message on the web site. This message is also returned with assignment data if you specify the "AssignmentFeedback" response group.

NotifyWorkers policy change

The NotifyWorkers operation now allows you to send a message to workers who have submitted results for your HITs, even if those results have not yet been approved or rejected. Previously, the operation would fail if any of the workers you were trying to contact had not had results approved or rejected by you in the past. This restriction has been loosened to allow you to contact any worker that has submitted results for your HITs. Error messages around these conditions have also been improved.

Minor API changes

The GetReviewableHITs operation's StatusMatchOption parameter has been renamed to Status, starting with the 2006-08-23 version of the API.

Known Issues

Issue Description
File upload answers not available in Qualification tests

At this time, you cannot use the file upload answer type with Qualification tests.

If you have any questions or information regarding a potential bug,please let us know using the "Contact Us" form on the Requester website.Visit,select "FAQ" from the upper-right-hand corner, then select "ContactUs."

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