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This release of the Amazon Mechanical Turk includes a new versionof the API, known as "2006-10-31," with new features such as theability to assign a Qualification to a Worker without aQualification request, the ability to create Qualification typesthat automatically grant requests with a default value, and enhancedabilities to modify a Qualification type after it has been created.


Submitted By: Craig@AWS
Created On: November 11, 2006 1:50 AM GMT
Last Updated: December 1, 2006 7:10 PM GMT

Release Date: 2006-12-01
Latest WSDL/API Version: 2006-10-31

New Features

Feature Description
New API version The latest version of the Mechanical Turk Requester Service API is: 2006-10-31

To use the new API, make sure your application is specifying the API version in each request: SOAP users, upgrade your application to the latest WSDL. REST users, specify the Version parameter with a value of 2006-10-31 with each request, and use the latest schema. See the Developer Guide for more information.
Assign Qualifications without requests

You can now assign Qualifications directly to Workers, without needing the Worker to first request the Qualification. If the Worker has submitted results for your HITs or requested Qualifications from you in the past, and you know the Worker's ID, you can use the AssignQualification operation to give the Worker new Qualifications.

Auto-granting Qualifications

You can now create Qualification types that grant the Qualification to the Worker automatically when the Worker requests it. The Worker is not presented with a Qualification test, only a message saying that the Qualification has been granted. The automatically granted Qualification is created with a default value that you specify. See the new AutoGranted and AutoGrantedValue parameters for the CreateQualificationType and UpdateQualificationType operations.

This new feature behaves similarly to a Qualification type with a test and answer key, except no test is presented and the Qualification is always granted.

Enhanced ability to modify Qualification types

You can now update existing Qualification types to use the new auto-granting feature, using the UpdateQualificationType operation. You can also update a Qualification type's RetryDelayInSeconds if it has one, or set one if it doesn't.

Known Issues

Issue Description
Cannot disable retry delay for a Qualification type once enabled There is currently no way to disable the ability to re-request a Qualification if the Qualification type allows retries. This release introduces the ability to add a retry delay to a type that doesn't have one, or modify the delay if it does. Once a type has a retry delay, then retries are permanently enabled for the type.
Cannot remove a test from a Qualification type There is currently no way to remove a Qualification test from a Qualification type that has one. This release introduces the ability to configure a Qualification type to automatically approve Qualification requests instead of using a Qualification test. Because tests cannot be removed from an existing type, a Qualification type with a test cannot be re-configured to use the auto-approval feature.

If you have any questions or information regarding a potential bug,please let us know using the "Contact Us" form on the Requester website.Visit,select "FAQ" from the upper-right-hand corner, then select "ContactUs."

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