Release: Amazon Simple Queue Service on 2008-02-06

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New price for Amazon SQS and changes to the service functionality.


Submitted By: cheriaws
Release Date: February 6, 2008 12:00 AM GMT
Latest Version: 2008-01-01
Latest WSDL:
Created On: February 5, 2008 11:43 PM GMT
Last Updated: February 6, 2008 12:46 AM GMT

New Features

The following table summarizes the changes in the 2008-01-01 version of Amazon SQS. For complete details of the changes, see the Migration Guide.

Feature Brief Description
New price AWS introduced a new price for Amazon SQS as of February 6, 2008. For complete details about the new price and what has changed with the 2008-01-01 release of Amazon SQS, see the Migration Guide.
New Limits
Message retention time Amazon SQS now automatically deletes messages that have been in the queue for 4 days.
Message size The maximum allowable message size is now 8 KB.
Number of messages received The name of the NumberOfMessages parameter (used with ReceiveMessage) has changed. Also the maximum value for this parameter has changed from 256 to 10.
Queues with no activity We reserve the right to delete a queue that has had no activity for an extended period of time.
Visibility timeout The maximum visibility timeout for a queue or message is now 2 hours.
Deprecated Actions
ChangeMessageVisibility The ChangeMessageVisibility action is no longer available.
SetVisibilityTimeout and GetVisibilityTimeout These two actions were deprecated with the 2007-05-01 release and are now no longer available.
PeekMessage The PeekMessage action is no longer available.
Access Control The access control functionality (grants, permissions, etc.) is no longer available.
Other Changes
New receipt handle When you receive a message, you now receive a receipt handle, which you use to delete the message.
New MD5 digests When you send or receive a message, Amazon SQS now returns an MD5 digest of the message body to you.
ForceDeletion with DeleteQueue When you request to delete a queue, it is now deleted regardless of whether it is empty. The ForceDeletion parameter is no longer available.
REST API The REST API is currently not available.
Change to format of queue URL The format of the queue URL has changed.
Change to CreateQueue Amazon SQS now returns an error if you try to create a queue with the name of an existing queue while also providing a visibility timeout value different from that of the existing queue.
Change to response structure The structure of responses has changed.
Change to attributes structure The structure of the data you provide for SetQueueAttributes and the structure of the data you receive for GetQueueAttributes has changed.
Change to request authentication The signature version 0 for Query requests is no longer supported. SOAP requests that don't use WS-Security must now use HTTPS, and the authentication information must be in the SOAP header.
Change to base service name in the WSDL The base service name in the Amazon SQS WSDL has changed.
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