Release: AWS Toolkit for Eclipse 1.6

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This release adds support for deploying Java web applications to Apache Tomcat 7 servers managed by AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


Submitted By: Jason@AWS
Release Date: May 5, 2011 11:35 PM GMT
Latest Version: 1.6
Created On: May 5, 2011 11:35 PM GMT
Last Updated: May 5, 2011 11:35 PM GMT

Installing the Toolkit

See for information on installing the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse.

New Features

Change Description
Apache Tomcat 7 support through AWS Elastic Beanstalk

You can now deploy your Java web applications to an AWS Elastic Beanstalk managed fleet of Apache Tomcat 7 servers directly through Eclipse. Just create a new WTP server of type "AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Tomcat 7" and use the standard WTP tools to deploy your Java web applications to Tomcat 7.

See for more details and video demonstrations of the available features, including how to deploy Java web applications to AWS Elastic Beanstalk directly from within Eclipse.

Known Issues

Issue Description
Windows IE Caching When deploying a new application version to an existing Elastic Beanstalk environment on Windows, WTP/Eclipse doesn't force a full reload on the internal web browser and you might see a locally cached copy of the last version in some cases. To get around this WTP issue, just reload the page again, or change Internet Explorer's setting for "check for newer versions of stored pages" to "every time I visit the webpage".

Feature Versions

This release of the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse includes the following feature versions:

Feature Version
Amazon EC2 Management 1.1.0.v201101181646
Amazon SimpleDB Management 1.0.0.v201101181646
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Deployment 1.0.0.v201104131409
AWS SDK for Java 1.1.9.v201104051314
AWS Toolkit for Eclipse Core 1.0.5.v201101181646
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