Release: AWS SDK for Java 1.0.2

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This release adds support for Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, Elastic Load Balancing session stickiness, Amazon Elastic MapReduce bootstrap actions, and new, custom toString() methods.


Submitted By: Craig@AWS
Release Date: April 8, 2010 12:00 AM GMT
Created On: April 8, 2010 5:19 PM GMT
Last Updated: April 8, 2010 5:41 PM GMT

What's New?

Support for Amazon EC2 Spot Instances The SDK now has complete coverage of the Amazon EC2 API for Spot Instances. For more information on Spot Instances, see:
Support for Elastic Load Balancing session stickiness The SDK now supports API version 2009-11-25 of Elastic Load Balancing, including support for session stickiness.
Support for Amazon Elastic MapReduce bootstrap actions The SDK supports the latest updates to Elastic MapReduce, including bootstrap actions.For more information about bootstrap actions, go to Bootstrap Actions in the Amazon Elastic MapReduce Developer Guide.
New toString() implementations SDK classes now implement custom toString() methods to allow developers to quickly and conveniently see an object's state during debugging and testing.

Supported API Versions

The AWS SDK for Java supports the following API versions:

Service API Version
Amazon EC2 2009-11-30
Amazon S3 2006-03-01
Amazon SimpleDB 2009-04-15
Amazon RDS 2009-10-16
Amazon CloudFront 2009-12-15
Amazon SQS 2009-02-01
Amazon Elastic MapReduce 2009-03-31
Amazon CloudWatch 2009-05-15
Amazon Elastic LoadBalancing 2009-11-25
Amazon Auto Scaling 2009-05-15
Amazon Simple Notification Service 2010-03-31
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