Release: AWS SDK for Ruby 1.3.6

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This release adds support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, resolves an issue with HTTP sessions and addresses a few documentation issues.


Submitted By: trevor@AWS
Latest Version: 1.3.6
Created On: March 7, 2012 7:37 PM GMT
Last Updated: March 7, 2012 7:37 PM GMT

Latest Version

Download the latest version of the AWS SDK for Ruby:

gem install aws-sdk

Resolved Issues

Change Description
AWS::EC2 Now supports VPC operations

A large number of VPC interfaces have been added to AWS::EC2. The client has also been updated to the latest API version.

# create a vpc and subnet then luanch an instance in the subnet
ec2 =
vpc = ec2.vpcs.create('')
subnet = vpc.subnets.create(vpc.cidr_block)
instance = subnet.instances.create(:image_id => 'ami-12345678')

See the documentation for more information.


An issue has been resolved where HTTP sessions were not cleanly closed under certain error conditions.

Documentation Corrections

A few of the AWS::SimpleWorkflow examples had typos in them that made them invalid. These have been corrected.

Supported API Versions

This release of the SDK supports the following API versions:

Service API Version
Amazon DynamoDB 2011-12-05
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 2011-12-15
Amazon Simple E-mail Service 2010-12-01
Amazon Simple Notifications Service 2010-03-31
Amazon Simple Queue Service 2011-10-01
Amazon Simple Storage Service 2006-03-01
Amazon Simple Workflow Service 2012-01-25
Amazon SimpleDB 2009-04-15
AWS Identity and Access Management 2010-05-08
AWS Security Token Service 2011-06-15
Elastic Load Balancing 2011-08-15
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