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The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio (AWS Toolkit) is a plug-in for the Visual Studio IDE that makes it easier for developers to develop, debug, and deploy .NET applications that use Amazon Web Services.


Submitted By: Norm@AWS
Release Date: September 9, 2011 12:43 AM GMT
Created On: September 9, 2011 12:43 AM GMT
Last Updated: September 9, 2011 12:43 AM GMT

See below for a list of features and known issues in this release of the AWS Toolkit.

Installing the Toolkit

See for information on installing the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio.

New Features

Feature Description
AWS Explorer

The AWS Explorer presents a tree view of your AWS resources such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB, and AWS CloudFormation. With the AWS Explorer you can view and edit resources within these services.

Deploy Web Applications and Web Sites

Web Applications and Web Sites can be deployed to the AWS cloud by right clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer and selecting "Publish to AWS CloudFormation".

Create and Connect to Amazon EC2 Instances

Using the Amazon EC2 Instance view you can quickly create new Windows instances and Remote Desktop into them simply by right clicking the instance and selecting "Open Remote Desktop".

Bucket Browser for Amazon S3

You can browse the files stored in your S3 bucket and upload and download files. You can create pre-signed URLs to objects to pass around and change the permissions of files. If the bucket is used with Amazon CloudFront you can perform invalidation requests from within the bucket browser.

Create AWS IAM Users and Groups

AWS IAM users and groups can be created and users can be assigned to groups. Access keys can be generated for IAM users and access policies can created using the access policy editor for both users and groups.

Query Editor for Amazon SimpleDB

Through the AWS Explorer, you can view your SimpleDB domains, run queries against them, and then edit the query results to update data in the domains.

Editor for Amazon SQS

Using the editor for Amazon SQS queues you can see and edit the properties, send messages to the queue and view a sampling of the messages in the queue.

Editor for Amazon SNS

Using the editor for Amazon SNS topics you can see properties, publish messages to the queue and create subscriptions to the topic. You can also drag and drop queues onto the topic editor to create subscriptions.

Known Issues

Issue Description
Installation Requires Administrator Privileges The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio is installed within Visual Studio which requires administrator privileges. The default location of the AWS SDK for .NET is under %PROGRAMFILES%, which on most computers is "c:\program files". To install the AWS SDK for .NET without administrator privileges unselect the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio and change the install location to something like "c:\Documents and Settings\<you>\AWS SDK for .NET".
Deployment persists last-used-region only When deploying a web application or web site to AWS CloudFormation using different regions in the wizard, only the last region deployed to is persisted. Redeployment of an application will only be enabled for the last region deployed to.
Deployment can be sensitive to clock skew Deploying a web application or web site to AWS CloudFormation can fail if the clock on the client system is not accurate.
Deploying the PetBoard sample with Visual Studio 2008 as Administrator can fail If the AWS SDK for .NET is installed in the default location, deployments of the PetBoard application from the install folder will result in a failed deployment. Copy the PetBoard sample application into a folder under your home folder, then build and deploy it from there.
Project templates not removed when uninstalling If you uninstall the AWS Toolkit, the AWS project templates are not uninstalled.
Uploading files to Amazon S3 If you upload files to an Amazon S3 bucket, same-named files already residing in the bucket are overwritten without confirmation.
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