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Introducing new AWS USEast2 (Ohio) region and general improvements for the SDK.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2016 20:58 PM GMT
Add API Gateway custom invoker method and Cognito Identity Provider admin create users feature.
Last Modified: Oct 7, 2016 15:55 PM GMT
Adds support for custom endpoints; fixes Amazon S3 bug which disabled usage with CocoaPods
Last Modified: Sep 20, 2016 1:44 AM GMT
Adds Cognito Identity Provider custom authentication handlers and general SDK improvements.
Last Modified: Sep 12, 2016 22:22 PM GMT
Fix bug which caused integration issues between User pools and Cognito identity
Last Modified: Aug 8, 2016 21:09 PM GMT
Various bug fixes and enhancements in SDK Core, Amazon Cognito Identity Provider, AWSS3 Transfer Utility, Amazon Mobile Analytics and Amazon SNS
Last Modified: Jul 29, 2016 3:00 AM GMT
Support for new AWS region Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region
Last Modified: Jun 28, 2016 5:18 AM GMT
The SDK now has SAML support for Amazon Cognito Federated Identities.
Last Modified: Jun 23, 2016 23:34 PM GMT
AWSS3TransferUtility now supports Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. This release also contains bug fix for error handling in AWSS3TransferUtility.
Last Modified: May 31, 2016 23:18 PM GMT
Added Full support for IPv6. This release also contains some API updates and bug fixes.
Last Modified: May 20, 2016 0:52 AM GMT
This release adds support for Your User Pool in Amazon Cognito. The AWS Mobile SDK for iOS is now provided as dynamic frameworks and supports iOS 8 and above. It also contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes.
Last Modified: Apr 19, 2016 19:42 PM GMT
This release adds the option to turn on/off cellular access and adds invoke methods with completion handlers to AWSLambdaInvoker. It also includes several bug fixes for error handling and Twitter Fabric compatibility.
Last Modified: Mar 16, 2016 22:05 PM GMT
This release adds VPC support for AWS Lambda. It also includes an Amazon Cognito Sync client bug fix and podspec updates.
Last Modified: Feb 12, 2016 2:21 AM GMT
This release adds support for MQTT over WebSocket connections to AWS IoT. It adds generics annotations and completion handlers for all of the low-level clients. It also includes bug fixes for Amazon Cognito Sync and Amazon Mobile Analytics.
Last Modified: Jan 29, 2016 3:38 AM GMT
This release adds Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region and Amazon Kinesis Firehose support. Also, it includes updated Amazon S3 models.
Last Modified: Jan 6, 2016 22:57 PM GMT
This release adds AWS IoT support into AWS Mobile SDK for iOS. It also contains a few bug fixes.
Last Modified: Dec 9, 2015 1:50 AM GMT
This release adds nullability annotations for the low-level service clients and includes the module maps for frameworks. It also has bug fixes and improvements.
Last Modified: Dec 3, 2015 0:04 AM GMT
The frameworks now include bitcode.
Last Modified: Nov 5, 2015 20:41 PM GMT
This release adds support for AWS Lambda function versioning.
Last Modified: Oct 8, 2015 17:07 PM GMT
This release added support for Expressions in DynamoDB Object Mapper, as well as KMS based server-side encryption in S3. It also contains minor bug fixes for S3.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2015 20:31 PM GMT
This release fixes bugs related to Amazon S3PresignedURL and S3TransferUtility.
Last Modified: Sep 1, 2015 20:58 PM GMT
This release includes the new Amazon S3 Transfer Utility. It also contains minor updates and bug fixes.
Last Modified: Aug 18, 2015 20:37 PM GMT
This release adds new features to AWSS3PreSignedURLBuilder and incorporates AWS GovCloud (US) Region support. It also contains small updates and bug fixes in Amazon DynamoDB and S3.
Last Modified: Aug 4, 2015 20:15 PM GMT
This release updates the Amazon Mobile Analytics client APIs so the developer needs to write fewer lines of code to initialize it. It also contains Amazon S3 client bug fixes.
Last Modified: Jul 14, 2015 21:55 PM GMT
This release adds support for Amazon API Gateway's generated SDK. It also updates the CocoaPods podspecs to enable the `use_frameworks!` option.
Last Modified: Jul 9, 2015 22:52 PM GMT
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