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Additional Resources

AWS Content

Whitepapers | Explore documents written by independent analysts, the AWS team, and the AWS community on product introductions, framework overviews, and more.

AWS in the News | Catch up on the latest AWS news announced by Forbes, TechCrunch, ZDNet, and other media outlets.

What's New | Stay up to date on the latest AWS product and service announcements.

AWS Podcast | Listen and learn about AWS with hosts Simon Elisha & Jeff Barr. Each episode includes AWS news, tech tips, and interviews with startups, AWS partners, and AWS employees.

Peer Reviews

With the rapid growth of review platforms for software vendors among individual developers, start-ups, and enterprises around the world, customers are asking for AWS ratings backed by other users. Peer review platforms like G2 Crowd and Gartner Peer Insights allow veteran and new AWS users to join a growing, dynamic community to answer questions, share ideas, and learn about new services and best practices.

G2 Crowd | Compare AWS services and read reviews by customers based on satisfaction ratings and user experiences.

Gartner Peer Insights | Read what enterprise customers and IT professionals think about AWS on this review platform hosted by Gartner Research.