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Better tools for the contact center: The journey of Madrileña Red de Gas' Cloud Transformation


IDC has published a detailed case study about the successful cloud transformation carried out by Spanish gas company Madrileña Red de Gas. The transformation was carried out as part of a wider strategy to become more efficient and customer centric. It highlights the major stops of this journey and analyzes the benefits of the new IT architecture in terms of performance, flexibility, and digital transformation enablement.

MRG uses a wide variety of AWS services, with the case focusing on SAP on AWS, Amazon Connect, Amazon Polly, and Amazon QuickSight. MRG also partnered with AWS partner LINKE to change its IT model from mostly outsourced, to a more internal IT program that enabled new and more cost-effective services. The cloud journey for MRG had to be short (as outsourcing contracts were expiring). By the end of the project, MRG had migrated more than 50 applications to AWS in less than 100 days.

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Source: Meter-Centric to Customer-Centric: Madrileña Red de Gas' Cloud Transformation, by Jean-François Segalotto, December 2020, Doc #EUR143673619.