Communications service providers (CSPs) are under pressure to monetize 5G investments. With data captured at the edge growing, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a critical role in enabling service delivery and optimizing network operations. However, limited understanding of how to effectively utilize AI, 5G, and edge computing could mean CSPs fail to exploit new opportunities in the digital economy. In this report from OMDIA, learn what AI at the edge means for CSPs, what are its benefits, and what key considerations CSPs need to bear in mind.

Read this report to:

  • Learn how edge computing presents multiple opportunities for CSPs, including fulfilling ultra-reliable low- latency communication (uRLLC) 5G use cases, growing enterprise revenue opportunities, and improving customer experience.
  • Understand how the combination of AWS offerings will enable CSPs to go to market with services that create revenue opportunities to achieve ROI for 5G and help guarantee the performance of these services given the model management and security capabilities built into its solution.
  • Learn how Verizon partnered with AWS to roll out AWS Wavelength in the US to bring AWS infrastructure, services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and tools to Verizon’s 5G public network edge and how other CSPs, such as Telefónica and Vodafone, are implementing AI at the edge with vendor partnerships.

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