Centralized Data Repository

The AWS IoT RoboRunner centralized data repository includes three registries storing different types of data, each available through a private AWS IoT RoboRunner software development kit (SDK):

Vehicle/Fleet Registry

Vehicle/Fleet Registry allows you to model vehicles and fleets in a facility. The registry stores metadata on vehicles and fleets, such as vehicle ID, fleet ID, and vehicle and fleet properties. This registry includes APIs to create and manage fleets, register vehicles to a fleet along with vehicle properties, and update vehicle properties.

Destination Registry

Destination Registry lets you model destinations in a facility. The registry includes APIs to create a simplified representation of the facility to support cross-fleet task allocation and planning, including coordinates for work cells, and waypoints to model entries and exits from shared paths and spaces.

Task Registry

Task Registry lets you model and track tasks performed by vehicles in a facility, such as material movement and maintenance activities. This registry helps you capture the overall demand across vehicle fleets, including tasks assigned to fleets as well as specific vehicles. The registry supports modeling tasks with properties needed to select the appropriate vehicle or fleet to perform the task, such as customer-defined properties like task type. 

Task Manager Library

The Task Manager Library pulls vehicle, destination, and task data from the centralized data repository’s registries, and then assigns tasks and provides guidance for route crossings, using FIFO (first-in, first-out) as a sample prioritization algorithm. You can run this sample implementation as an AWS Lambda function and customize it to specific business needs.

Fleet Gateway Library

The Fleet Gateway Library communicates with the Task Manager and dispatches tasks to the proper robot vendor fleet management systems. The Fleet Gateway Library also updates the registries with the latest vehicle, destination, and task status. You can run this sample implementation at your facilities, modifying it to suit your needs. The sample implementation includes integrations with fleet management systems from select robot vendors.

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