Posted On: Mar 15, 2018

Today we are releasing support for using GraphQL subscriptions with the AWS AppSync Android SDK. Complex Object capabilities, which allow GraphQL operations using content stored in Amazon S3 using an Amazon DynamoDB link are also now supported as part of this release. These features provide customers capabilities to have real-time data streamed to their applications from data sources such as Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Elasticsearch service, or AWS Lambda.

Additionally, we are releasing a JavaScript sample application that showcases usage of the AWS Amplify library and AWS AppSync together along with the Complex Objects feature. This sample showcases a comprehensive solution for a private photo storage application, where users can register and sign-in to an application. Photos can be synchronized across devices where users logon and is protected via multi-factor authentication (MFA), and GraphQL records are authorized on a per-user basis. The sample application is written in React and available for download on GitHub.

AWS AppSync is available from the following regions: US-East-1 (Virginia), US-East-2 (Ohio), US-West-2 (Oregon), EU-West-1 (Ireland), AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo), and AP-Southeast-2 (Sydney) regions.

Read more about these features in the release blog here.