Enable connected experiences at scale by automating, delivering, and analyzing billions of personalized messages and offers per day.

AWS offers more opportunities for customer experience, messaging, and marketing automation platforms to scale quickly, optimize costs, and grow revenue through partnerships.

With more capabilities for compute, analytics, messaging queuing, and networking, AWS enables unmatched cost-efficiency, scale, and performance for exabyte scale data pipelines, customer journey automation, task queues, email pipelines, message transfer agents, message logging, and analytics for deliverability, spam, and customer engagement. The AWS Partner Network includes a dedicated partner program to help ISVs reach marketers who want to accelerate deployment of content management systems, customer 360s, and messaging and automation platforms.

Segment Enables Customers to Create Custom Recommendations With Amazon Personalize (1:53)


Sell with AWS to marketers

AWS has dedicated practices to help marketers find the best marketing automation partners with the AWS Digital Customer Experience and AWS Retail Partner Competencies. Customer 360, Content Management Systems, Marketing automation, and Messaging platforms can tap into the AWS Partner Network (APN) to get resources to build your business, promote your business, and access funding and programs to market and sell with AWS.

Spend less
With unmatched compute and analytics capabilities, AWS enables more opportunities to optimize performance and costs on scaled data processing, job queuing, and real-time marketing workloads. Marketing platforms that process billions of events per day can save up to 70% on costs over on-premises data centers and reduce cost per query by hundreds of dollars per terabyte using tools like Amazon EMR, Amazon MSK, Amazon S3, AWS Glue, and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.
Innovate faster
Invent faster in areas like next-offer decisioning, personalization, email deliverability, marketing analytics, automation, audience segmentation, and activation by choosing from the broadest set of analytics and machine learning capabilities of any cloud provider. You can also expand into new markets overnight with the largest global availability of any cloud provider. AWS has 84 Availability Zones in 26 Regions, with 310+ points of presence across 245 countries and territories.

Customer experience platforms solutions and services

Digital Commerce Solutions

AWS enables retailers to focus on what matters—providing compelling experiences that attract more customers, drive more sales, and deliver flawless fulfillment—on a fast, flexible cloud platform built for the future.

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Smart Store Solutions

AWS smart store solutions empower retailers to reinvent the store experience, providing a fast, frictionless shopping experience that delights customers while driving operational efficiency and IT agility.

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AWS services

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, a feature of Amazon Connect, equips contact center agents with a more unified view of a customer’s profile with the most up to date information, to provide more personalized customer service.
With Amazon Connect, you can set up a contact center in minutes that can scale to support millions of customers.
Amazon Personalize enables developers to build applications with the same machine learning (ML) technology used by Amazon.com for real-time personalized recommendations – no ML expertise required.
Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application.
Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications service.

Leading customer experience platforms on AWS


Acoustic Migrates to AWS in 10 Months, Expects 60% Optimization in Cost

Acoustic, a marketing technology company, migrated to AWS over the course of 10 months and saw a 60% optimization in cost, as well as benefits such as improved scalability, boosted performance, higher availability, and faster innovation.

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Braze video thumbnail

Braze Efficiently Sends 2B+ Messages Daily with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Groups

Braze is a digital customer engagement platform that uses AWS to collect, process, and analyze more than half a trillion pieces of consumer behavior data per month to build audience profiles and improve personalized messaging.

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HubSpot Selects AWS as its Preferred Public Cloud Provider

HubSpot chose AWS as its preferred public cloud provider, using AWS to support 450+ microservices, delivering features ranging from email delivery to automated marketing workflows.

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Salesforce CDP Unifies Consumer Data at Exabyte Scale on AWS

Salesforce developed and launched Salesforce CDP using AWS, accelerating deployments in weeks instead of months or years, and reducing compute costs for scaled data processing by 62%.

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Adobe Uses AWS to Deploy and Operate Enterprise Software Without Investing in Massive Infrastructure

Adobe Systems Managed Services program delivers enterprise software such as Adobe LiveCycle Forms, Adobe Connect conferencing software, and Adobe CQ5, using AWS to provide multi-terabyte operating environments for its customers.

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Accelerate with key industry partners

For customers looking to accelerate time to market, the AWS Partner Network (APN) offers a dedicated partner competency for Digital Customer Experience, including 52 Technology partners and 35 Consulting partners, or choose from leading customer experience solutions listed on AWS Marketplace.


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Leadership session: Digital marketing and ad technology

Industry leaders share stories about how they used AWS to enable breakthroughs in areas such as customer data collection, identity resolution, audience targeting, programmatic advertising, personalization, and measurement.

Leadership session: Digital marketing and ad technology
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Processing 250 billion ad events a day with Amazon EKS and serverless

See how AWS Lambda and Amazon EKS with Spark can reduce costs on logging and event processing at incredible scale and which pitfalls to avoid and powers to exploit when using serverless and containers

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Industry Live: Advertising and Marketing

Discover perfect moments for dynamic product placement in-streams using Amazon SageMaker, and then inject personalized ads in real-time using Amazon MediaTailor for server-side ad insertion.

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End-to-end machine learning using Spark and Amazon SageMaker

Find out how to create environments for machine learning (ML) engineers so they can prototype and explore with TensorFlow before executing it in distributed systems using Spark and Amazon SageMaker.

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