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AWS Educate Now Available in 10 Languages

AWS Educate’s 11 foundational Cloud learning Career Pathways are now available in ten new languages – Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Bahasa. Now, more students around the world have access to the skills that will provide them access to cloud-based careers and opportunities.

Cloud Career Pathways are learning modules that incorporate the technical skills required in hundreds of cloud-related jobs. Each pathway includes a minimum of 30 hours of content delivered in self-paced course modules designed to build core skillsets across four job families that align to the AWS Educate Job Board, including: Cloud Architect, Software Developer, Operations-Support Engineer, and Analytics and Big Data Specialist.

Students and educators in over 200 countries and territories around of the world have already adopted AWS Educate, with many adopting the program’s Cloud Career Pathways into their learning or curricula. These new languages help to extend AWS Educate’s benefits to students from many parts of the world.

“We’ve used AWS Educate from day one. As of now, more than 1,000 students from our institution have joined AWS Educate, using it across all IT subjects. I’m excited to think how much easier it is now for students to immerse themselves in these courses now that they are available in more languages. Every IT student should join AWS Educate or they would lose the chance to learn important skills on AWS,” said Cyrus Wong, Program Leader of Higher Diploma in Cloud and Data Center Administration, Hong Kong IVE (Lee Wai Lee).

To set your language preferences, log into your AWS Educate account and select your preferred language using the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand side of your dashboard.


Supporting the students who will become the graduates of tomorrow creates a direct link between educational institutions and industry, catalyzing growth and supplying the rising demand, by AWS and other companies, for skilled cloud-professionals.

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