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Three major AWS Educate cloud degree announcements

Building off of momentum on AWS Educate’s Cloud Degree initiative from last year, including the launch of the 19-school California Cloud offering and the cloud degree launched last year with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), AWS Educate has been working around the world to bring cloud opportunities to students from the US to the UK.

The AWS Educate Cloud Degree initiative is a collaborative effort between AWS Educate and leading educational institutions to develop degrees and certificates in cloud computing that will prepare students from colleges, vocational schools, and technical academies for in-demand cloud jobs.

By working with college faculty – and their high school and four-year university partners – AWS Educate’s Cloud Degree initiative allows accredited educational institutions to integrate AWS content into their curriculum and create a cloud computing degree, specialization, or certificate offering.

George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College collaborate to launch the first Bachelor’s Degree in AWS Educate’s cloud degree offering

George Mason University (Mason) and NOVA, in collaboration with AWS Educate, announced a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) pathway in cloud computing. This degree offers students a seamless transfer pathway from a two-year associate degree to a four-year bachelor degree in the cloud, providing a clear path to high-demand careers in cloud computing at AWS partners and customers.

Building on NOVA’s established Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in cloud computing that was launched with AWS Educate in the fall of 2018, students can take cloud-based courses at NOVA in preparation for remaining degree-specific coursework at Mason. NOVA and Mason faculty worked with AWS Educate curriculum designers to create a BAS degree path that will equip students with technical skills and hands-on experiences to help prepare them for careers in cloud architecture, cybersecurity, software development, and DevOps.

UK Career Colleges bring AWS Educate’s cloud degree global

The Career Colleges Trust, in collaboration with AWS, announced that it will be developing a new two-year course in cloud computing to create pathways to high-demand careers. The program of study, which will be launched in early 2020, is being developed with AWS Educate, and is the first implementation of AWS Educate’s Cloud Degree outside of the U.S. Through the collaboration, the course will be delivered at universities and Digital Career Colleges across the United Kingdom, thus helping to ensure that young people have the skills needed to meet industry demand. The new program marks the beginning of a plan to bring cloud computing education throughout UK colleges and universities. The speed, scale, and reach of this implementation can serve as a model for opening career pathways in technology for diverse populations across the UK and beyond.

Louisiana announces a statewide implementation of the AWS Educate cloud degree

Governor John Bel Edwards, in conjunction with GNO Inc. and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS), announced a collaboration with AWS to unlock new opportunities in cloud computing across the state of Louisiana. As part of the collaboration, each of the 12 LCTCS campuses will implement AWS Educate with AWS Educate to create an Associate Degree in Cloud Computing. Additionally, the University of Louisiana system announced that they will be creating a seamless transfer from LCTS into their four-year degree institutions. This new offering will extend opportunities for students across Louisiana from its urban centers to its rural communities, preparing them to meet the demand from the tech employers for employees with cloud computing skills.

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