AWS Communication Developer Services

Scalable, cost effective communication API services
AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) are cloud-based APIs and SDKs that help builders add communication capabilities into their apps or websites with minimal coding.
Introducing Communication Developer Services (0:32)

Communication Channels

Messaging available in over 240 countries and regions
Push / In App Notifications
Pay-as-you-go push and in-app notifications
Send at scale with the service that sends over a trillion email each year
Secure, recordable chat for millions of simultaneous users
SIP trunking and PSTN audio for call routing, voice prompts, recording, and more
WebRTC video and livestreaming for any application or video


Campaigns + Journeys
Send messages at the right time with automated workflows and event-triggered cross-channel messaging
Audience Segmentation
Determine who received messages with static or dynamic segmented lists

Use Cases

Alerts + Notifications

Send customers alerts or notifications through email, SMS, push, in-app notifications, or via voice API

Promotional Messages

Send promotions and marketing messages with top email inbox deliverability and segmented messaging

In-App Video

Build your application or website with scalable video technology that can support telehealth, field support, education, and more

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Build an IVR system that can  support touch-tone, conversation voice bots, and  text-to-speech.

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