Third-party data solutions for Sustainability & ESG

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), public, weather, air quality, satellite imagery, and many more third-party data sets available on AWS Data Exchange. 


AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party sustainability-related data in the cloud. This includes data sets made available via the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative and the Open Data Sponsorship Program.
We're working with organizations to make Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), public, weather, air quality, satellite imagery data, and much more available to customers.

Whether you're looking to price climate risk into your portfolio, align with emerging ESG disclosure requirements, reduce your company's carbon footprint, or define your renewable energy transition, AWS Data Exchange is here to help.

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Trial these free data sources to support your sustainability strategy

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

    ESG data is increasingly important for financial services institutions and corporations who are looking to assess portfolio risk, meet investment mandates that align with the values of their customers. AWS Data Exchange provides access to 75+ ESG data products, including third party scores, raw company-level ESG metrics, and reporting frameworks from providers like Arabesque, SASB and RepRisk.

    ESG News Sentiment Data set

    This trial data set is industrial-scale NLP applied to thousands of news sources to develop in-depth, real-time scoring at the company level on ESG issues.

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    S-Ray Enterprise License

    The Enterprise License is a daily feed containing four sustainability lenses to assess the sustainability performance of more than 8,000 public equities.

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    Workforce Composition

    Company workforce composition, hiring & attrition of key roles, transitions between companies, market competition, and company expenses.

    Explore more ESG-related data sets 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    AWS Data Exchange provides customers access to data products to expose DE&I-related issues and drive towards a more inclusive future. Use Board Composition data from CGLytics to analyze and benchmark diversity of the boards of 5,900+ public companies, or leverage free Access to Education data from Rearc to visualize disparities in access by demographic and geographical location.

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    Access to Food

    This listing consists of 4 data sets which relate to access to food among diverse populations in the US and across the world.

    Revelio Labs

    Understand the workforce composition and trends of any company.

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    Social Equity Sentiment

    Sample data from Array Analytic's social sentiment model from Jan 1st 2012 through December 31st 2019, including examples analysis.

    Explore more Diversity, Equity & Inclusion data sets 
  • Emissions
  • Emissions

    Customers are increasingly looking to better understand local and global emissions, and reduced or eliminate their own emissions. According to Natural Capital Partners, 23% of Fortune 500 companies have made a public commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030. Use AWS Data Exchange to access raw emissions data from Arabesque to analyze and report on your portfolio’s carbon emissions, or free USEEIO Supply Chain Factor data from Rearc to estimate the emissions associated with a product and/or supply chain.

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    CO2 Emissions (kt)

    World Bank Open Data provides free and open access to data. This release contains Carbon dioxide emissions in kiloton (kt) by all countries in the world.

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    Carbon CER and EUA indices. End of Day daily file sample

    The LEBA Carbon Indices were introduced in March 2005 covering European Union Allowances (EUA) and Certificates of Emission Reduction (CER) were included in October 2007.

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    Raw Emission Data

    Access Scope 1, Scope 2 and where available, Scope 3 emissions in total tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2) for a global universe of approximately 3,000 companies.

    Explore more emissions data sets 
  • Weather and Satellite
  • Weather and Satellite

    Climate change is becoming increasingly topical as the volume of natural disasters continues to increase across the globe. Find access to over 100 weather data sets and over 150 satellite data products that can be used to expose changing weather patterns and investments with high climate risk exposure, forecast infrastructure collapses, as well as research climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. You can also find additional open data resources from authoritative sources on the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI), housed under the Registry of Open Data on AWS.

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    Historical Weather

    Sample of hourly Historical Weather data for 50 U.S. Capital cities representing a small snippet of the massive Weather Source global weather archive.

    California InSAR Displacement

    Detect early warning signs that can prevent damage to valuable infrastructure, protect the environment, and save lives.

    Wind Farm Ranking

    More than 15 different weather parameters of ClimaCell's proprietary local, accurate historical  data from millions of virtual sensors, globally.

    Explore more weather and satellite data sets 
  • Agriculture and Supply Chain
  • Agriculture and Supply Chain

    Farmers, retailers, seed producers, grocers and consumer package good customers are all looking to reduce or eliminate their emissions. AWS Data Exchange offer satellite images and insights from providers like Catalyst Earth to monitor crop health and optimize yield, and ClipperData Grain and Oil Seeds flow data to track vessel and cargo distribution to identify areas for route optimization.

    Soil Mineral Indices Maps

    Soil Mineral Indices support sustainability monitoring and can be used to develop additional higher value agricultural applications, including yield prediction.

    Hourly Port of Call - Memphis

    Compilation of the most reputable and detailed public and private sources regarding soil available. In addition, subscribers get access to the data via API.

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    USEEIO | Supply Chain Factors

    This listing contains factors for supply chain in US using USEEIO models including Greenhouse Gas Emission factors for US Industries and Commodities.

    Explore more agriculture and supply chain data sets 

On-Demand Webinar

3 ways to improve ESG scores and sustainability practices using third-party data

Register for this webinar to learn how Dun & Bradstreet is leveraging third-party data from Amenity Analytics to improve ESG and sustainability strategies.

Customers Using AWS Data Exchange

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“At Accenture, we’ve been creating a platform to support our clients that are facing supply chain instability due to workforce, climate, pandemic, or social impacts. Building resiliency requires visibility into labor, weather, commodities, Tier N challenges and real-time inputs from suppliers in a collaborative environment. Using AWS Data Exchange, we are able to quickly consume the most up-to-date data to inform our models, like the news and sentiment data from Amenity Analytics. This allows us to create predictive insights into early supply chain risk factors, simulate what-if scenarios to minimize costs and delays, and automatically adjust to supplier disruptions in real time."

– Prasad Satyavolu, Lead, Industry X Manufacturing and Operations North America

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“At Capgemini we are committed to unleashing the power of purpose-driven growth for financial services organizations through innovative data-driven products and services based on ESG principles. Leveraging AWS Data Exchange to consume Arabesque’s ESG data enables us to deliver intelligent ESG solutions with hyper-personalization to drive sustainable banking and investing for retail customers faster and easier than ever before.”

– Tej Vakta, Head of ESG Solutions, Financial Services Insights & Data, Capgemini
Dun & Bradstreet Logo
“At Dun & Bradstreet, we are working to build a comprehensive ESG ranking across millions of public and private companies globally. By leveraging AWS Data Exchange, we are able to easily consume data from another data provider on the service, Amenity Analytics, to provide high-quality textual analysis and data. Being able to integrate reliable data at scale from Amenity, particularly when it comes to news and report data that can be prone to ‘green-washing’, enables us to offer a more accurate evaluation on how a company is managing its ESG performance."

– Rochelle March, Head of Environmental, Social & Governance Product

goldman sachs logo
“AWS Data Exchange enables Goldman Sachs to more readily discover and access third-party data products. Today, we benefit from the file and table-based delivery methods to consolidate our consumption pipeline, reduce the amount of data processing, and drive faster time-to-insights using content such as ESG data from Refinitiv, an LSEG business.”

– Ram Rajamony, Vice President & Tech Fellow, Goldman Sachs

Investics logo
"Using AWS Data Exchange allows us to easily consume and use Arabesque S-Ray data in the Investics Cloud Ecosystem (ICE), our AWS- based investment data and analytics ecosystem. With ICE, we stitch together the robust ESG data from Arabesque S-Ray, with client portfolio information, and our investment analysis data to provide asset, portfolio and sector-level sustainability metrics. We then use AWS Data Exchange to distribute the final product, Investics DARTS, to AWS customers. Institutional asset managers and asset owners can license Investics DARTS data via AWS Data Exchange and programmatically receive daily updates, enabling them to easily monitor ESG compliance and performance metrics on their entire investment portfolio." 

-William Pryor, President of Investics

UT Austin
At Neuravest, our core business is applying machine learning to non-traditional data sets and creating investment portfolios based on the resulting insights— all on behalf of our asset management customers. We are excited to develop new environmental, social and governance (ESG) solutions for our customers by applying our machine learning expertise to Arabesque S-Ray data. With AWS Data Exchange, we can quickly source high quality machine-readable ESG data sets, and easily integrate them into our solutions - many of which already run on AWS.

-Erez Katz, Co-Founder and CEO, Neuravest

PG Ventures
"At PG Ventures, we set out to solve a very specific problem: How to identify the risks in soil relocation from underground mining activities in Central Europe. CATALYST Insights, a Canadian Earth observation company, provided us with the ground displacement data we needed to uncover these man-made disasters. We use AWS Data Exchange to consume CATALYST’s Insights data, which supports planning for immediate and future impacts as coal mining slows globally as a result of carbon neutral requirements. The flexibility of CATALYST's services, combined with the ease of licensing their data via AWS Data Exchange, has enabled us to start mitigating these mining collapses and prevent future damage.”

-Christoph Schmidt, Co-Founder, PG Ventures

“During the Code Green Hack-a-Thon at re:Invent 2021, we set out to make a mapping tool that shows the communities that have the greatest current and forecasted need for improvements to their water supplies, air quality, and waste management. We used Crux data products through AWS Data Exchange, which allowed us to quickly cleanse and prepare the data via the AWS Glue integration, and uploaded it to our Amazon S3 buckets. From there, we started to build a model using Amazon SageMaker that we then piped into a visualization tool. Using AWS Data Exchange saved us time in collaborating and formulating data processes and helped us focus on the application itself.”

– Isaac Trevino, Hack-a-thon participant and Software Developer

Using ESG data from AWS Data Exchange in Amazon FinSpace

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) data has become an indispensable data set for financial institutions – used to assess a company’s risk and performance. ESG is broadly defined as a set of non-financial criteria or metrics that reflect how a company performs as a steward of nature how a company manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and communities, and how a company puts in place the right leadership and internal control.


Additional Data Sources


Access, performance, school ratings, social inequity.


Miles traveled, environmental impact, human mobility patterns

Climate Risk

Exposure scores, weather forecasts, water indices


Food waste, water treatment, ESG scores

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What is the difference between AWS Data Exchange and the Registry of Open Data on AWS?

There are five key differences between AWS Data Exchange and the Registry of Open Data on AWS:

  1. AWS Data Exchange supports both free and commercial data products, with any applicable commercial fees applied to a customer’s AWS invoice, whereas the Registry of Open Data on AWS gives customers access to a curated list of free and open data sets.
  2. AWS Data Exchange requires customers to explicitly agree to the Data Subscription Agreement outlining the terms that the data provider set when publishing their product, whereas the data on the Registry of Open Data on AWS does not have terms of use.
  3. Customers must use the AWS Data Exchange API to copy data from AWS Data Exchange to their desired S3 location, whereas the Registry of Open Data on AWS data sets are accessed via S3 APIs.
  4. AWS Data Exchange delivers data providers access to daily, weekly and monthly reports detailing subscription activity, whereas with Registry of Open Data on AWS, data providers must analyze their own logs to track usage of data.
  5. To become a data provider on AWS Data Exchange, qualified customers must register as a data provider on AWS Marketplace to be eligible to list both free and commercial products, whereas any customer can add free data to Registry of Open Data on AWS via GitHub and may apply to the AWS Public Data set Program for AWS to sponsor the costs of storage and bandwidth for select open data sets.

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