Focus on members. AWS is how.

Manage costs, better understand member populations, and personalize the healthcare experience with AWS. Leverage trusted AWS technologies to collaborate and innovate on the most mature and reliable cloud platform that delivers the most functionality, and trusted security, compliance, and data privacy.

Healthcare payors can deploy new ways to keep members healthy & accelerate business (1:07)


more Regions with multiple Availability Zones than the next largest cloud provider


Security controls available on-demand with AWS Artifact


global compliance requirements validated by third-parties


healthcare-specific listings on AWS Marketplace


regions to support global reach and data sovereignty


fully featured services from datacenters globally


Partner with a trusted cloud provider

AWS delivers the technology that healthcare payors trust. On the most secure and reliable cloud platform, AWS enables payors to modernize with confidence and achieve operational excellence.

Accelerate innovation

AWS offers the broadest and deepest portfolio of cloud-based services, empowering healthcare payors to ignite their own innovation engines and develop products and services faster.

Unlock the value of data

Purpose-built machine learning (ML) capabilities help payors simplify complex data ecosystems to gain efficiencies, spot trends in member data, and enable population health initiatives.  

Power personalized healthcare

Connect with members where they are, when they want, and when they need help. Boost engagement with the same customer-centric technologies that used to transform ecommerce.

AWS Partners

Discover third-party solutions and a vast network of partners to help you keep members healthy and accelerate business transformation. AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party healthcare solutions to easily discover, procure, and deploy cloud technology and data management solutions, while AWS Healthcare Competency Partners can help you build customized solutions on AWS.

Use cases

  • Modernize IT infrastructure & applications
  • Unlock the potential of healthcare data
  • Personalize the member journey
  • Modernize IT infrastructure & applications
  • Modernize IT infrastructure & applications

    Get rid of the operational burden of managing datacenters by modernizing with cloud infrastructure. AWS makes it easy for healthcare payors to build regulatory-compliant disaster recovery and backup plans and optimize storage costs for securing member data.

    Infrastructure modernization

    Core products

    Customer references

    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services blog

    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

    Hear Jessica Kahn, Director of the Data and Systems Group (DSG), the Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services talk about their use of cloud, not just for processing, but for analytics and real-time data and their journey to a more data-driven culture.

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    Oscar insurance case study

    Oscar Insurance

    Oscar Insurance turned to AWS to build a brand new HIPAA-compliant health insurance company from scratch in 3 months. Using AWS also enables the Oscar team to innovate fast and deploy more than 125 production changes a day.

    Read the case study »

    DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority case study

    DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority

    The DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX) uses AWS to instantly deploy software to deliver enrollment-as-a-service solutions for healthcare customers, save $1.8 million annually, and meet stringent compliance requirements.

    Read the case study »

    Blog: NYC COVID-19 Rapid Response Coalition helps MetroPlus Health Plan partner to address the health and social needs of thousands at risk

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    Blog: HealthFirst: Building a Secure Analytics Platform for 1.3 Million Users on AWS

    Watch the video »

    Blog: Amazon HealthLake Stores, Transforms, and Analyzes Health Data in the Cloud blog

    Read the blog »
  • Unlock the potential of healthcare data
  • Unlock the potential of healthcare data

    Bring together data across marketing, claims, and reimbursement systems for a full picture of member populations. With purpose-built AI and ML services you can accelerate the claims pipeline through document abstraction, predictive capabilities, and automated payment remittance.

    Using healthcare data

    Core products

    Customer references

    Anthem case study


    Learn how Anthem turned to AWS to digitize and automate insurance claims process. Anthem chose Amazon Textract for its image-processing capability, ability to detect tables and forms, and adherence to security and compliance standards.

    Read the case study »

    Cambia case study


    Cambia Health has made a commitment to leverage advanced technology to simplify access to critical health data and provide personalized insights so that members can make informed decisions affecting their health. Using AWS, Cambia created Journi, a solution through which people can access critical data and insights about their health.

    Read the case study »

    Healthfirst video


    Healthfirst built a secure analytics platform on AWS toImprove coordination of data pipelines. They leverage Amazon SageMaker to unlock a treasure trove of patient information from clinical data repositories to identify risks factors and health outcomes.

    Watch the video »

    Blog: Automating claims adjudication workflows using Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend Medical

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    Whitepaper: An Introduction to Processing Unstructured Medical Data Using Amazon Comprehend Medical

    Download the whitepaper »

    Blog: Flagging suspicious healthcare claims with Amazon SageMaker

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  • Personalize the member journey
  • Personalize the member journey

    Take advantage of the same customer-centric technologies that used to transform ecommerce. Reduce friction at every major touchpoint along the member journey with digital engagement tools that help you close gaps in care, focus on changing member behaviors, and predict health events.

    Personalized health journey

    Core products

    Customer references

    MetroPlus Health case study


    Using an AWS-powered chatbot, MetroPlusHealth was able to offer help to 54,000 of its members most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic in just 3 weeks and connect members in need with social services.

    Read the case study »

    Accolade video


    Accolade, a personalized health and benefits solution, migrated a contact center to a global deployment of Amazon Connect in just four months, supporting over 700 agents taking more than 14,000 calls a day on a global scale.

    Watch the video »

    Change healthcare case study

    Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare relies on AWS Customer Enablement to move mission-critical applications to the cloud in 60 days, ensure compliance, deliver more stable software releases, and enable innovation.

    Read the case study »

    Article: NLP on Patient Medical Records with Amazon Textract & Amazon Comprehend Medical

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    Blog: Amazon HealthLake Stores, Transforms, and Analyzes Health Data

    Read the blog »

    Blog: How Nym Health Provides a HIPAA Compliant Medical Coding Solution Using AWS

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Healthcare payor compliance

Compliance for Healthcare Payors

Simplify healthcare compliance with the most secure and reliable cloud. AWS understands the complex regulatory landscape where payors operate and can help you build in the cloud with confidence.

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