AWS Machine Learning Embark Program

Onboarding, training, and implementation support to launch your machine learning journey and build an AI powered business

AWS Machine Learning Embark is an immersive machine learning (ML) enablement program that helps companies jump-start their ML journey. It combines the training, coaching, and implementation support needed to upskill teams on ML and accelerate business outcomes.

Getting started with ML is equal parts technology and cultural change. Many organizations struggle to launch ML initiatives and gain meaningful adoption because there aren’t well understood patterns to follow. Challenges include identifying the most impactful projects to tackle, developing a workforce with the right skills, and cultivating a culture that encourages an ML-first mindset. The AWS ML Embark program is designed to help companies overcome these common challenges and launch ML projects with success.

Based on Amazon’s own journey to put ML first in all areas of its business, and proven success helping organizations adopt ML, the AWS ML Embark program equips your teams with the practical skills, knowledge and strategies to successfully launch and accelerate adoption of ML within your organization.

Program offerings


Through a high-touch discovery workshop that explores the “art of the possible and the practical”, this phase of the program brings together your company’s technical, operational, and business leaders to jointly identify and refine high value business problems that can be solved with ML. This interactive workshop is facilitated by experienced AWS ML Strategists, and includes coaching and brainstorming sessions to help you ‘work backwards’ from business challenges to arrive at solutions.

Business Enablement

Designed for business leaders and decision makers, this is a combination of flexible digital self-study and a live interactive ML strategy session with AWS ML Strategists that dives deep into key drivers and business processes to successfully run ML projects, and inject AI into your business. Participants gain an understanding of ML fundamentals, develop a greater appreciation for the wide range of potential use cases, and learn how to think broadly about ML as a driver to business growth.

Technical Enablement

This 3-day hands-on training is based off Amazon’s ‘Machine Learning University’ curriculum, used to train Amazon’s own engineers. It is designed to upskill your technical team to ML practitioners, and covers topics that include recognizing the type of ML problem, natural language processing, computer vision, classical ML, and deep learning. Participants gain an understanding of ML fundamentals, and learn to apply the ML cycle, ML development tools, and common ML methodologies to become strong technical ML advocates within your organization.


AWS’s own machine learning experts will work alongside your team to make the project a reality through a proof of concept in an ML Solutions Lab. Your team will go step-by-step through the entire process of developing a working machine learning application, including data preparation, feature engineering, model development, training, and testing. By the end, you’ll have a ML approach that can be scaled across your organization, and a working POC that your team can deploy to production to positively impact the business.


Align business and technical teams

AWS ML Embark brings business and technical teams together in a cohort to work through the problem and get to a solution together. At the outset of the program, the cohort will identify business opportunities that have meaningful impact on the organization and can be implemented quickly. Building this partnership is the best way to guarantee that the solution will have real business impact and that ML adoption will continue to thrive in the organization.

Accelerate ML learnings

AWS ML Embark is designed to speed up your ML journey with programs that build on each other and customized to your needs, to get your teams ramped up quickly. The in-person technical training is based on Amazon’s own internal developer training and is a proven approach to be successful straight away. Additionally, the business enablement session empowers your business leaders with the foundational knowledge needed to lead ML projects, and begin shaping a ML strategy for their organization, ensuring business alignment and accelerated ML adoption.

Adopt the blueprint for success

AWS ML Embark is borne out of programs and strategies that have worked for some of the most innovative AWS customers and Amazon’s own internal teams fast-track their ML initiatives to get real business results fast. From the ‘working backwards’ process to identify high impact problems, to learning best practices in model development when partnering with AWS ML experts for the POC, the entire program is borne out of programs and strategies that work.

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Machine Learning Solutions Lab

ML Embark is brought to you by Amazon’s Machine Learning Solutions Lab, a collaboration and education program that connects Amazon machine learning experts with AWS customers and partners.

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