How do I protect my data against accidental EC2 instance termination?

Last updated: 2020-11-09

What are some options that AWS offers that can help me protect my data against accidental termination?


To help protect against data loss caused by accidental termination of an Amazon EC2 instance, consider the following options when configuring your EC2 infrastructure:

  • Enable termination protection. Termination protection prevents an instance from being accidentally terminated by requiring that you disable the protection before terminating the instance. For more information, see Enabling termination protection.
  • Regularly back up your data. Back up your instance by creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), using Amazon EBS snapshots, or using a third-party backup program. An AMI can capture the data on all attached EBS volumes, and it can be used to launch a new instance.
  • Output data to another AWS service or source. For example, you might consider using Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, or DynamoDB to store the outputs of workflows you run on your instance.

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