Why was I charged $1 when I signed up for AWS?

Last updated: 2021-11-17

I was charged $1 by AWS, but I haven’t used any services yet.


When you add a new payment card to your AWS account, an authorization charge of $1 is sent to verify that the card is valid, and that the card hasn’t been reported lost or stolen.

For AWS customers, the temporary authorization charge is 1.00 USD. AWS doesn’t proceed with the charge, and the charge should disappear within three to five business days. The authorization charges for prepaid credit cards might vary.

For Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL) customers, the temporary authorization charge is 2.00 INR. While AWS does proceed with the charge, it's refunded to your account shortly after your account is activated.

Note: If your bank displays charges in a currency other than USD or INR, the small charge might show on your statement as a different amount because of currency conversion.

If the charge was for a larger amount, or you’re not sure which account generated the charge, see How do I find the AWS account associated with an unknown Amazon Web Services charge?

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