How do I identify who disconnected a call in my Amazon Connect contact center?

Last updated: 2019-10-24

When calls with agents in my Amazon Connect contact center are disconnected, I want to know the reason. How do I figure out if the customer or the agent disconnected a call?

Short Description

To identify if a customer or an agent disconnected a call in your contact center, you can download the Contact Control Panel (CCP) logs for an agent session and review them for certain log entries. For more information, see Useful Troubleshooting Tools and Information.

Important: CCP logs are agent-specific and session-based. They include information only about an agent's current session. When an agent closes the CCP and ends a session, you can no longer download logs for that session.


Download the CCP logs

Note: To access the Contact Control Panel (CCP), you must log in as a user that has Access Contact Control Panel permissions in their security profile.

  1. In the CCP, after a contact has disconnected, choose the settings cogwheel.
  2. Choose Download logs.

Review the CCP logs

In the text field in the CCP log entries, look for a transition in the SIGNALING state to determine the reason for a disconnect. When a call is successfully connected with an agent, the state is TalkingState.

Agent disconnected

If an agent disconnected a call using the End call button, the logs show the SIGNALING state going from TalkingState to PendingRemoteHangupState. For example:

"text": " f23586c4-****-****-bf88-5e3ccd504e34 SIGNALING TalkingState => PendingRemoteHangupState"
"text": " f23586c4-****-****-bf88-5e3ccd504e34 SIGNALING PendingRemoteHangupState => DisconnectedState"

You also see a log entry that includes "Agent disconnected successfully." like this:

        "component": "ccp",
        "level": "INFO",
        "text": "Agent disconnected successfully.",
        "time": "2019-10-03T18:21:26.478Z",
        "exception": null,
        "objects": [],
        "line": 33

Customer disconnected

If a customer disconnected the call, the logs show the SIGNALING state going from TalkingState to PendingLocalHangupState. For example:

"text": " 886d8317-****-****-a221-6f6dbb912ab3 SIGNALING TalkingState => PendingLocalHangupState"
"text": " 886d8317-****-****-a221-6f6dbb912ab3 SIGNALING PendingLocalHangupState => DisconnectedState"