How do I delete or terminate Amazon RDS resources?

Last updated: 2020-11-25

I want to reduce or eliminate the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) resources that are associated with my AWS account. What resources are associated with the RDS service, and how do I delete them?


To stop all Amazon RDS-related charges for an account, do the following in all AWS Regions:

When deleting a DB instance, you have the option to retain automated backups. If backup retention is chosen, backups are retained for the retention period that is chosen on the DB instance at the time of deletion. These backups can be manually deleted from the Amazon RDS console under the Automated Backups section. If it is decided not to retain automated backups, the automated backups are deleted and can't be recovered after the deletion of the DB instance.

If you purchased reserved DB instances, those are billed according to the terms of the contract you agreed to when you purchased the instance.

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