What's the IP address range for Device Farm?

Last updated: 2022-07-12

I want to test my company's app using AWS Device Farm, but our internal systems are behind a corporate firewall. I need the IP address range of Device Farm to allow device traffic through. What is the IP address range?


For mobile devices

In your internal systems, allow requests from the IP address range– and the IP address

Note: This IP CIDR range allows traffic coming from Device Farm devices during mobile automation testing only.

For desktop browsers

It's a best practice to use the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for desktop browser testing. Amazon VPC's Test Grid feature is more secure than an IP allow list, and your VPC will have direct access to your Device Farm resources.

Note: If your VPC is located in an AWS Region other than us-west-2, then you must create a VPC in the us-west-2 Region and activate VPC peering.

To use an allow list for internet-facing browser testing, make sure to allow requests from the following IP address ranges:


Note: These IP ranges are stable but not permanent. If you are unable to access Device Farm with these IP ranges, then they might have changed since the most recent update of documentation.

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