How do I stop receiving email spam?

Last updated: 2021-10-26

Email spammers are using AWS infrastructure or resources to send me unsolicited emails. How do I avoid these spam emails in the future?


AWS doesn't allow the use of AWS infrastructure to send unsolicited mass emails (also known as "spam"), including, but not limited to, promotions, advertising, and solicitation. If you notice any violation of this policy, follow Amazon's abuse reporting process and help us stop or remedy the violation.

To avoid receiving spam, follow these best practices everywhere on the internet:

  • Be careful about who you provide your email address to. Spammers often obtain lists of emails legally because they purchase them from legitimate sources. When you sign up for a website or a service, be sure to read the website's privacy policy. The policy includes information on whether the owner of the website intends to sell information, such as your email address, to third parties.
  • Avoid publishing your email address in public pages or forums. Spammers use bots to scrape public pages and forums for email addresses. Sharing your email address in these pages can make you a potential target for spammers.
    Tip: Many forums provide direct messaging tools to contact other users privately. If you want to provide your email address to other users of the forum, use these private messaging tools when available.
  • Avoid replying to phishing emails. Always verify the legitimacy of your email source. Avoid providing personal or sensitive information to unknown senders. You might receive phishing emails in many different forms. Sometimes, the spammers pretend to be from an institution, such as a bank, or pretend that you've won a contest. If you reply to these emails, the spammers recognize that the email address is valid and are likely to sell your email address to other spammers.
  • Use an email address that's hard to guess. Avoid using email addresses that include easy-to-guess names or phrases. Otherwise, spammers are more likely to guess your email address correctly and send you spam emails. Spammers use machine learning and other algorithms to guess possible valid email addresses. Also, avoid using your verbatim email address as a login for different websites.