What does this AWS Solution do?

This solution automatically provisions the services necessary to visualize media services, their relationships, and the real-time status of linear video services. This solution features a browser application that includes both a tile view and a diagram view to help you identify the root cause of a problem when multiple media services are sending messages to Amazon CloudWatch.


Channel tiles

Aggregate resources into a single channel tile that represents a single streaming video channel. Each tile displays the aggregated media service configuration information for all resources included in the tile.


Workflow diagrams

Visualize the relationships between your media services and the status of your resources and pipelines as workflow diagrams. You can also customize the solution to include custom node types or on-premises equipment.

AWS Solution overview

Deploying this solution with the default parameters builds the following serverless environment in the AWS Cloud.

Media Services Application Mapper architecture

The AWS CloudFormation template deploys the following serverless infrastructure and web content for the solution: 

  1. An Amazon CloudFront distribution to serve the Media Services Application Mapper web application.
  2. An Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket as an origin to serve the solution’s web application.
  3. Amazon API Gateway for inventory and monitoring queries to the solution’s backend.
  4. AWS Lambda functions to handle client REST API requests from API Gateway, periodically scan for media services resources, and receive notifications of changes in a resource’s status. Two Lambda functions are custom resources for the browser application stack and one for the DynamoDB tables stack that are used during installation, update, and deletion. 
  5. Amazon CloudWatch scheduled rules or event patterns to invoke the primary Lambda functions. 
  6. Amazon DynamoDB tables to store the solution’s backend and front-end configuration and state.
  7. The AWS Cloud services and devices that this solution scans. The solution uses the AWS Elemental MediaLive API to discover AWS Elemental Link devices and the AWS Systems Manager API to discover AWS Elemental Live encoders.
  8. CloudWatch events to invoke the regional Lambda functions when there are operational changes in the sources of inventory or changes in state to subscribed CloudWatch alarms.
  9. Lambda functions to monitor source services for CloudWatch events in additional AWS Regions.

Media Services Application Mapper

Version 1.11.0
Release date: 08/2022
Author: AWS

Estimated deployment time: 10 minup to 40 min, depending on Region

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