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AWS Partner Event

In-person event

Explore the strategic trends and technologies driving digital transformation and shaping the future of IT and business.

Nov 4-8, 2018
Barcelona, ES

AWS Event

In-person event

Join us at re:Invent for customer stories, technical sessions, and more from SAP on AWS. Bas Kamphuis will speak on Monday 7:00 pm at the Venetian Level 4 (session ID 89751) and repeat the session on Tuesday 10:45 Bellagio Level 1 (session ID 89750).

Nov 26-30, 2018
Las Vegas

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Amazon EC2 High Memory instances offer 6 TB, 9 TB, and 12 TB of memory in an instance. These instances are purpose-built to run large in-memory databases, including production deployments of the SAP HANA in-memory database, in the cloud.

Amazon EC2 High Memory instances are certified by SAP for running Business Suite on HANA, the next-generation Business Suite S/4HANA, Data Mart Solutions on HANA, Business Warehouse on HANA, and SAP BW/4HANA in production environments.


This report compares SAP service providers and their capabilities to migrate, host or manage SAP services. Questionnaires supplied to SAP service providers covered their capabilities and geographies served.

Information Services Group, Inc.

AWS Launch

"The Altair 8800 computer that I built in 1977 had just 4 kilobytes of memory. Today I was able to use an EC2 instance with 12 terabytes (12 tebibytes to be exact) of memory, almost 4 billion times as much!"

AWS News Blog

AWS Customer Story

Learn how Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Company transformed its deployment strategy for SAP software by moving its on-premises, 16-TB business warehouse running on an Oracle database to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)