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Innovate faster. Save money. Empower development teams.

Serverless enables companies, teams, and individuals to build modern applications without thinking about servers—no server provisioning, no server scaling, and no server management. Instead, your company only needs to think about how best to serve its customers, and your developers only need to think about writing the code that allows you to do so. Whether you’re building front-end applications, large-scale data processing solutions, or backend services for nearly any type of use case, everything required to run and scale your applications is handled for you.

Across the globe, from startups to enterprises, retailers to financial institutions to government agencies, AWS customers are adopting a serverless-first mindset to innovate faster, save money, and serve their own customers better. AWS Serverless customers connect hundreds of thousands of concurrent users across platforms, scale seamlessly to handle exponential traffic during flash sales, ensure the reliability of election processes, develop secure messaging across finance platforms, deliver impactful digital education, power IoT solutions at the edge, and more—we’re proud to share a sampling of the innovative solutions customers like you are building using serverless on AWS.

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  • Fender

    Since legendary music company Fender first began 74 years ago, its sole mission has been to deliver the best products to music players everywhere. Pursuing that mission, Fender created an entire digital team to build and deliver music lessons online. Built on AWS Serverless from the ground up, Fender supports nine digital products including Fender Play and Fender Songs, giving millions of players the opportunity to learn the chords to their favorite songs in minutes. 

    Empowering Musicians: Fender Builds Online Learning Applications on AWS Serverless - 2:54
    "We engineered our infrastructure using AWS Lambda and serverless to not get paged, to not have to worry about downtime, to not have to worry about uptime. To just not have to worry..."
    - Ethan Kaplan, GM and Chief Digital Officer, Fender
    How Fender Delivers Educational Apps Using AWS Serverless - 3:33
    AWS re:Invent 2018 - Fender's Success with AWS Serverless - 9:46
  • Startup
  • Fender

    Founded in 2018, Branch Insurance enables customers to buy bundled home and auto insurance online—at a price much lower than existing insurance companies can offer. Responding to the complexities inherent in today’s traditional systems for buying and bundling home and auto insurance, Branch zeroes in on getting customers the most for their money by eliminating intermediaries and utilizing modern technologies like AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS AppSync to keep their development costs low and uptime high. Read the blog post

    "Serverless applications give substantial benefits over other application architectures which cannot run serverlessly: fewer interdependencies; fewer liabilities; an opinionated and effective microservices architecture; and isolated production-equivalent environments for all."
    - Joe Emison, Co-founder and CTO, Branch Insurance

Video stories

The evolution of Comcast: Using serverless to solve previously impossible problems (1:33)
Odin & Fenrir by Coinbase
How Coinbase scales using Odin, their serverless, open-source secure deployment pipeline (1:21)
From Head of Engineering: How Dunelm Supports UK Business Growth with AWS Serverless (2:13)
Freshworks: Building Customer-for-Life Software Using AWS Lambda (1:44)

Customer-built tools

StreamAlert by Airbnb
StreamAlert by Airbnb

StreamAlert is a serverless, real-time data analysis framework which empowers you to ingest, analyze, and alert on data from different sources and alerting logic you define.

Visit StreamAlert GitHub >>
Visit >>

Jazz by T-Mobile
Cloud Custodian by Capital One

Cloud Custodian is a rules engine for managing public cloud accounts and resources. It allows users to define policies to enable a well-managed cloud infrastructure and consolidates adhoc scripts into a lightweight and flexible tool. 

Visit Cloud Custodian GitHub >>

Odin & Fenrir by Coinbase
Odin and Fenrir by Coinbase

Odin allows you to deploy 12-factor applications to AWS. Fenrir is a secure AWS SAM deployer that helps manage serverless projects and scale serverless across your teams and orgs. 

ShadowReader by Edmunds
ShadowReader by Edmunds

ShadowReader is a load-testing tool that replays production traffic to a destination of your choice by collecting traffic patterns from access logs. 

Visit ShadowReader GitHub >>

Bender by Nextdoor
Bender by Nextdoor

Bender provides an extendable Java framework for creating serverless ETL functions on AWS Lambda. Bender provides the interfaces necessary to build modules for all aspects of the ETL process. 

Visit Bender GitHub >>

Jazz by T-Mobile
Jazz by T-Mobile

Jazz is a serverless development platform that accelerates the adoption of serverless technology within your enterprise. Jazz can help build functions, APIs, and static websites, and comes with CI/CD by default.  

Visit Jazz GitHub >>

Customer-focused whitepapers

Serverless: Changing the face of business economics - a venture capital and startup perspective

Learn why serverless computing is a game changer for business economics.

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The journey to Serverless-First: Enterprise stories

Learn why iRobot, Alma Media, and Fender took a serverless-first approach to deliver products faster, save money, and nurture team enthusiasm.

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Generating Value Through IT Agility & Business Scalability with AWS Serverless Platform

IDC uncovers how 11 AWS customers lowered five-year operating costs by 60% and were 89% faster at compute deployment with serverless services.

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Customer reference architectures

Innovapost: Scaling to 5M Package Deliveries with Serverless (6:44)
The Washington Post: Building a Content Management Platform with Speed (5:22)
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Klap: How to Build a Video Clipping Pipeline in Serverless (7:40)
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Homesite: Event-Driven Data Analytics Platform Using Amazon Neptune (7:24)
Enoptea: PHP Layer for AWS Lambda - French, with captions (5:49)

Customers leading the way in serverless

From disruptive startups to global enterprises, AWS Serverless customers span industries, geographies, and regulatory requirements. What unites them? They prioritize the ability to innovate on behalf of their own customers, accelerate time to market, save money, and empower development teams.