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Web and application hosting FAQs

Building cloud-based websites and apps doesn’t have to be complicated. Read the most frequently asked questions.

The cloud gives organizations of any size access to the tools, applications, and infrastructure to quickly improve customer online experiences. You are no longer limited to the capacity of your own servers but can leverage an entire global network. 

If your website traffic suddenly spikes, new resources can be accessed immediately and users will connect to your website or applications from the server closest to them, improving performance.

Cloud-based sites are better able to deliver satisfied customers, scalability increased productivity, and reliability.

Digital workflows simplify managing your site by connecting you with the information you need to make decisions quickly. Automated tasks such as monitoring, security, and backup free resources to focus on initiatives more mission critical to your company’s growth. 

AWS support for popular content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, and platforms like Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and .Net reduces the burden on your resources, making it easier to migrate and manage your site and apps. 

AWS provides the most reliable cloud with the least outages, resulting in customers achieving a 69 percent reduction in unplanned downtime. We have a track record of being the highest-availability cloud, a status built on our extensive investment in global availability zones and redundant networks, storage, and compute. High availability through cloud infrastructure pairs massive scale with access to exactly the resources needed, providing a level of reliability not achievable with in-house solutions. 

In addition, AWS security infrastructure is built to satisfy the requirements of the world’s leading financial, educational institutions, and governmental institutions that rely on it-ensuring you have the same level of security they do. AWS customers report 43 percent fewer monthly security incidents on average.

AWS cloud solutions are optimized to suit your specific needs. With more experience than any other provider across company sizes and industries, AWS can help you achieve your specific goals from launching a simple site to get started to adding sophisticated features like dynamic content.