Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for Small and Medium Businesses

Capturing, storing, and analyzing your data is more achievable, affordable, and effective than ever.

Data holds tremendous potential

Whether you’re new to the cloud or have already used some tools, make your business intelligence tools work harder for you. Tap into an abundance of opportunities to fuel growth and gain a competitive edge.

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FAQs about gaining insights through analytics

Gaining greater visibility into your data as it grows doesn’t need to be complicated. Read the most frequently asked questions.

A cloud-based approach provides an affordable way to access the very latest tools to unlock your analytics strategy. Using the cloud opens new possibilities to empower business users with access to fresh, relevant insights. The cloud can help businesses increase efficiency, unify business intelligence, collaborate and share data, and improve financial and demand forecasts.

Cloud infrastructure is designed to scale storage resources to meet fluctuating needs. Data is stored and protected in an environment built for reliability and resiliency. 

AWS Infrastructure is built for analytics, which means that loading data from diverse sources, monitoring these data flows, setting up partitions, turning on encryption and managing keys, re-organizing data into columnar format, and granting and auditing access is done in days not months. And once deployed, you can run and scale analytics in seconds not minutes.

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, wait for your data to be “clean.” The cloud can bridge the gap between what you have and where you need to be. AWS can help you assess how to eliminate data silos and get integration and visibility into all of your data regardless of source or location. AWS services enable data from many different sources to be connected, analyzed and displayed in a single user-friendly data dashboard. Conclusions can be drawn to make insights easy to gather and share across the organization.

AWS gives businesses of your size cloud storage, compute, and network infrastructure that meets the specific needs of your analytic workloads. We provide a fully integrated analytics stack with a mature set of analytics tools optimized for performance at the lowest cost.

Yes. AWS leverages experience working with large enterprises and then meets you where you are to provide you with service and support specific to your needs. Cooperating funding programs with our certified partners can also help you get going quickly. The cloud levels the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses, giving you access to infrastructure, tools and services that take the cost and complexity out of analytics, offer predictability when it comes to spending and ensure you only pay for what you use.