Enhance Customer Engagement for Small and Medium Businesses

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Deliver premium experiences with cloud services

The cloud allows businesses to outsource IT management, enabling staff to concentrate on strategic planning and driving innovation in products, services, and processes for better customer experiences.

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Customer engagement FAQs

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The flexible, pay-as-you-go nature of the cloud alleviates the cost, scalability, and integration challenges that many small and medium-sized businesses face as they attempt to grow their customer engagement capabilities. 

Cloud services span all aspects of customer engagement, from contact center to omni channel communications to inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and promotions. They accommodate growth quickly and affordably, reduce the cost of IT infrastructure, and alleviate the burden of integrating multiple customer care IT components.

AI-driven analytics and automation accelerate and improve customer interactions with your business while helping you scale quickly and affordably. Integrated chatbots, for example, enable customer transactions when live agents aren’t available.

Automation also enables customers to serve themselves when that’s their preference, allowing them to complete a purchase transaction, submit a query or trouble ticket, or otherwise interact with your company when it’s convenient for them using the channels and devices of their choice.

AWS estimates that businesses save up to 80 percent using our customer lifecycle engagement and management services. The reason is that on-premises infrastructure creates scalability challenges that drive up costs and require more staff time and expense to manage. The cloud option delivers savings by reducing investments in hardware and associated maintenance, helping your IT staff operate more efficiently, and automating certain functions where appropriate.

As an AWS customer, you retain control over your own data and who can access it. AWS doesn’t access your data, and you select which AWS services can process, store, and host it. Securing customers' data is a top priority at AWS, with rigorous contractual, technical, and organizational measures in place to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. AWS provides you with the management tools you need to manage who can access your data in the cloud and decrease your risk of data leaks. To help ensure system uptime and reliability, you can also run your contact center, messaging, and marketing communications servers in two or more diverse locations with redundant, hot failover capabilities between them. That way, resources and data are always available when personnel, customers, and prospects need to access them.