Critical business reports are now running faster after migration to AWS and HANA. Some reports, such as daily sales reports, are running almost 10 times faster—in a few minutes versus 30 minutes in our previous on-premises environment—even though hosting costs reduced dramatically.
Levent Yildirmak CCI

CCI is the fifth-largest bottler of Coca-Cola products by sales volume in the world. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, CCI produces, distributes, and sells sparkling and still beverages under the Coca-Cola brand. The company also has operations in Azerbaijan, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. It serves more than 380 million consumers and operates 25 bottling plants. 

CCI operates several key SAP systems, including SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and the SAP BusinessObjects platform. The company’s executives, managers, and distributors use sales and financial reports generated by the SAP BW and BusinessObjects platforms. “These are critical reports that help us to run the business,” says Levent Yildirmak, CCI’s technology services group manager for cloud systems.

CCI hosted its SAP BW and BusinessObjects platforms in an on-premises data center, which was causing challenges related to aging hardware and capacity constraints. To improve system availability and performance, CCI had to decide whether to invest in extending its on-premises hardware infrastructure using SAP BW Accelerator or migrate it all to the cloud. 

CCI benchmarked its on-premises SAP BW system against SAP BW on HANA running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS setup demonstrated performance benefits both in data transfer times into SAP BW using SAP BusinessObjects Data Service and in report generation duration in the AWS Cloud. As a result, CCI chose to move its SAP BW and BusinessObjects systems to SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud. SAP HANA is SAP’s in-memory database. “We had already planned to move to SAP HANA, and we chose to run it on AWS for agility, flexibility, reliability, and performance,” says Yildirmak. “Additionally, we had already migrated our SAP ERP system to AWS.”

Working with AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner Lemongrass Consulting and SAP partner Metric, CCI migrated SAP BW and BusinessObjects from the on-premises data center to SAP HANA on AWS. Lemongrass designed the AWS architecture, helped with the platform migration, and provides managed services for the solution.

The CCI SAP BW and BusinessObjects on HANA environments run on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, and CCI uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage. For high availability, CCI takes advantage of multiple Availability Zones across the AWS EU (Frankfurt) region. Lemongrass monitors the overall SAP BW on HANA environment through Amazon CloudWatch. “The AWS architecture gives CCI the right combination of availability, performance, and efficiency for its SAP BW system,” says Eamonn O’Neill, director of Lemongrass Consulting. “It also ensures business continuity by eliminating the single point of failure the company had in its data center."

By running its SAP BW system on SAP HANA on AWS, CCI is experiencing much faster reporting times. “Critical business reports are now running faster after migration to AWS and SAP HANA. Some reports, such as daily sales reports, are running almost 10 times faster—in a few minutes versus 30 minutes in our previous on-premises environment—even though hosting costs reduced dramatically.”

The company’s SAP BusinessObjects system is also performing better on SAP HANA on AWS. “We can now complete processing jobs that transfer data from one of our reporting systems to the SAP HANA platform on AWS five times faster than before,” says Yildirmak.

Working closely with Lemongrass, CCI could quickly migrate its SAP BW system to SAP HANA on AWS. “By moving our SAP BW system to SAP HANA on AWS, we finalized the migration project in three months; just acquiring servers takes 6–8 months in an on-premises environment,” says Yildirmak. “We also did not have to invest any capital in new hardware. Additionally, our SAP BW system is seamlessly integrated with our existing SAP ECC system already running on AWS, which brings added efficiencies and cost savings.”

CCI is also ensuring high availability for its SAP BW and BusinessObjects systems. “SAP BW and BusinessObjects systems need to be accessible all the time, so our internal business users and our supply chain and distribution partners can run their operations effectively,” says Yildirmak. “We can maintain high availability for both solutions and run them more cost-effectively on SAP HANA on AWS. We have improved our recovery point objective to 15 minutes and reduced our recovery time objective from at least a day to three hours. And we have decreased our total cost of ownership by automating our recovery process and using recovery resources only in the event of a failure, where as previously we had to maintain costly redundant equipment.”

In addition, the company can quickly scale its SAP environment as needed. “When it comes to scalability, we are no longer limited by a data center,” says Yildirmak. “We have more agility, so when we need more capacity to meet user demand, we can provision those resources in minutes using AWS. For example, we recently extended SAP HANA on our AWS environment for a new project and the creation of the production environment took only two days.” 

Lemongrass Consulting, an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), is located in Reading, United Kingdom. Lemongrass helps SAP-centric organizations transform their workplaces through mobile- and cloud-based implementations. For more information about how Lemongrass Consulting can help your company build and manage your AWS environment, visit the Lemongrass Consulting website.

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