Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg, which handles approximately four million passengers per year, is considered one of Germany’s busiest mid-size airports. Inaugurated in 1955, today Airport Nuremberg is an international airport with connections throughout Germany and Europe. In 2010, Airport Nuremberg received a business traveler award as the most popular airport in Germany.


Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg is a service-oriented company and Internet-based services are a central part of the airport’s strategy. The airport’s website provides information on flights, airport services and local destinations as well as online parking reservations and other e-commerce services.

The airport initially used a third-party provider to host its website. While this approach saved operating expenses at first, the website had difficulties when unexpected events, such as poor weather or air traffic strikes, led to increased demand. Purchasing additional server capacity was too costly and the airport began to look for alternatives.


Airport Nuremberg wanted a flexible and scalable environment to support fluctuating demand for their website and one that would allow the airport to continue to develop Internet-based services. In addition, it was essential that the solution conform to German data compliance requirements. “Our website is subject to the German Protection Action because it contains customers’ personal data,” explains Christian Kaeser, responsible for Business Development and New Media Management.

Airport Nuremberg chose Infopark AG, a Berlin-based member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), to develop a new solution. Infopark used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create an innovative platform to support the airport’s website and e-commerce applications. Because AWS leaves data where the customer stores it, Infopark was able to create an environment that complies with German location-based data protection and compliance requirements. The Airport Nuremberg solution includes Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon CloudFront.

Infopark was able to take advantage of the elasticity and scalability of AWS to develop a solution for Airport Nuremberg to handle fluctuating demand for its website, meet the airport’s security and privacy requirements, and provide an environment for software development. “The combination of a comprehensive solution from AWS and Infopark proved to be particularly suitable for our requirements,” says Kaeser. “We have a flexible and scalable infrastructure and we estimate that we’re saving 60–70% compared to our previous web hosting costs.”

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