Discover Technology is a consulting firm in Brazil. One focus of their research and development is pre-packaged solutions targeting business opportunities in the mobile retail operations market.

Sergio Dazio, Director at Discover Technology, explains that the company offers three products in this space:

  1. Mobile Product Catalog browser with integration to Magento and PrestaShop e-commerce solutions. Applications include direct customer mobile apps, and door-to-door business models.
  2. Site/Store Locator solution that allows customers to search for nearby stores, insurance companies, support sites, and other locations. This product is fully integrated with the Mobile Product Catalog.
  3. Service Order solution aimed at home service, support, assembly, and general service orders. Agents use a mobile app to view their planned route and status updates, and to send geolocation information. A supervisor has a control console with a map that shows agent positions, planned and actual routes, and expected versus real progress.

Dazio notes, “All three solutions have mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 planned, as well as JEE web applications.”

Dazio describes why Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a good choice for Discover Technology: “Because we have several R&D test projects in the pipeline, AWS is a very flexible partner that allows us to architect, design, and implement complete IT solutions with great simplicity and agility.”

He adds, “For us, it is much quicker using AWS resources than using a datacenter, or even our internal IT department! From an economic perspective, we only use the instances that we need so it’s a great deal.”

Discover Technology uses AWS in the following configuration: There are two Amazon EC2 instances running GlassFish Server, balanced by Elastic Load Balancing. There is an RDS MySQL database. Dazio says, “We also use Amazon S3 for image and static storage content, snapshots, and backups. When global content distribution is required, we also use Amazon CloudFront.” The following diagram illustrates this configuration:

Discover Technology architecture diagram

Figure 1: Discover Technology Architecture

“The server applications were coded using JEE,” notes Dazio, “and the customer apps, with iOS and Android SDKs. Currently we're using AWS as an IaaS provider and have plans to use Amazon S3 APIs for backup in the near future.”

To other developers, Dazio offers this advice: “The correct selection of a cloud partner is very important. Be sure to ask if your provider complies with security standards (such as PCI-DSS). Do they deliver business agility/flexibility? Can you get all the resources you need, when you need them?”

The Discover Technology team has been pleased with AWS. Dazio comments, “The main advantage is that AWS provides us all we need, so we don’t have to worry about acquiring hardware, software licenses, etc. R&D time is costly, but the hours we save can be allocated to more productive tasks. Our time to market has been reduced because AWS saves us time in the infrastructure phase, thus reducing the development cycle. In the future, we'll continue to use AWS for our internal R&D projects. Overall, AWS is a very flexible and agile cloud provider.”

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