Euler Hermes Rides Out Market Disruption Using AWS


Headquartered in Paris, France, Euler Hermes provides trade credit insurance, protecting more than 66,000 clients against bad debt. In 2019, the company covered more than €950 billion of transactions, resulting in a turnover of €2.9 billion. Protecting clients at this scale requires a high-performing infrastructure. Euler Hermes receives 600,000 credit limit requests each month relating to 30 million businesses, 82 percent of which must be dealt with in real time. Recently, new platforms and marketplaces have been launched that threaten to disrupt the credit insurance industry. To maintain its position and drive innovation, Euler Hermes moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and saw faster time to market for new services, more control over costs, and greater ability to integrate with new market entrants’ services via APIs. In this video, Antoine Larmanjat, chief information officer at Euler Hermes, shares the story of the company’s journey to the cloud and explains why it decided on a serverless-first policy.

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