Glympse provides an innovative mobile service that makes it easy to safely share one’s location with others in real-time. With just a few taps, iPhone™, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone™ users can send a Glympse to anyone via email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. Glympse’s technology gives users complete control over who can view their location, when they can view it, and for how long. Glympse has proven to be a powerful tool for millions of users in a variety of situations: alerting colleagues when running late, finding friends after work, or checking-in with family members. It takes only seconds to send a Glympse and the receiver isn’t required to have any special software in order to view a Glympse.

Prior to AWS, Glympse researched multiple solutions for offsite backup from various other providers. Because Glympse required more rigorous data security provisions as well as seamless integration with existing infrastructure and applications, none of these solutions were adequate for Glympse’s needs.

In February, 2012, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of the AWS Storage Gateway, a solution for easy data backup to the cloud via an on-premises software appliance. Glympse implemented AWS Storage Gateway immediately and saw benefits from:

  • Easy integration with existing applications and processes
  • Highly secure data encryption
  • Support for Windows, Linux, and Microsoft SQL
  • Efficient, asynchronous uploading of data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Glympse discovered the adoption of AWS Storage Gateway to be both quick and simple. To Steve Miller, Chief Architect and Founder of Glympse, “the launch of AWS Storage Gateway was great news for us. We downloaded AWS Storage Gateway and began exploring it immediately because of the 60-day trial that AWS offers. In a few hours of use, my team came back to me with a report on how easy, secure, and reliable the web service was when compared to other options that we’d tested in the past.”

“And now after five months of usage, I can confidently tell you that your services are not only built well, but the engineering and support provided by Amazon is exceptional. By using AWS Storage Gateway, we went to just hours instead of days to restore from backup.”

Craig Link, Glympse Technology Manager, sees AWS Storage Gateway as advantageous to both the business’s disaster recovery planning and the bottom line: “AWS and the AWS Storage Gateway are great assets that help us scale fast, store data in an ultra-secure environment, spend more time on product development (rather than disaster recovery & backup), and achieve faster time-to-market with minimal investment.”

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