ICCK is one of the leading providers in Colombia for high-end mass media portals, providing this service to premium sites such as elespectador.com, the news portal for the prestigious daily newspaper; caracoltv.com, the information and entertainment portal of Caracol, the most important TV station in Colombia; cromos.com.co and shock.com.co information portals of two very popular magazines; linkempleo.com the premier jobs searching portal in the country and ojubi.com, one of the most visited classified portals in the region.

According to Marcela Díaz, CIO at ICCK.net: ICCK faced the challenge of creating a high availability infrastructure environment, including:

  • Elastic growth of hardware resources in line with the dynamic demand of all our portals
  • Dynamic and cost efficient testing and development environments
  • Acceleration of the complete life cycle of new solutions implementation in line with our fast paced business environment
  • Reduction of overall IT infrastructure costs, which currently represent a high percentage of our total Opex
  • Last but not least, we required local support services for Amazon Web Services in order to expedite response times.

With all that in mind, a project was deployed through Avanxo, an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) in Colombia, to set up an infrastructure that leveraged the following AWS’s services:

A proof of concept was deployed using ICCK’s in-house Linux and Drupal-based applications in order to prepare for a future migration to a 100% cloud environment of all production web servers with dynamic traffic.

As shown in Fiigure 1, the team of certified consultants at Avanxo deployed an architecture of robust web servers designed to sustain high demand in a high availability environment based on AWS services.

This Auto Scaling configuration, in conjunction with Avanxo’s support, allows for automatic capacity growth in line with the web servers dynamic load and connection requests, thus helping to ensure the required availability and service levels of ICCK’s portal.

icck.net architecture diagram

Figure 1. ICCK Architecture on AWS

As confirmed by Marcela Díaz, CIO of ICCK, "The critical factors to take the decision in favor of implementing AWS with Avanxo were the Auto Scaling capabilities, given the specific needs of our business and the flexibility of working with AWS."

Ms. Díaz concluded that, “Thanks to the results obtained with this proof of concept, we have achieved the following benefits:

  • 30% cost reduction
  • 1 month reduction in time to market of new solutions
  • 4 Linux Centos active instances with Auto Scaling and immediate provisioning

These benefits were obtained in a very short period of time, allowing us to respond in an agile manner to the particular needs of our fast-paced business.”

Díaz then adds that, "Even with the fact that we were already familiar with the basic offerings of AWS, we now see Avanxo as a strategic ally who allows us to maximize our leverage of AWS functionality and increase the strength of our applications in high-availability environments. We also now have access to immediate provisioning of testing environments as required by demand variations, which improves the efficiency of our operation and at the same time optimizes costs in a very important way.”

To learn more about how AWS can help run your websites in the cloud, visit: http://aws.amazon.com/websites/.

For more information about how Avanxo can help your company run on the AWS Cloud, see Avanxo's listing in the AWS Partner Directory.