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Topics: Artificial Intelligence and Workforce Development

Accelerating Pilot Training with Data and Machine Learning

March 2022

About the Episode 

As the world faces a shortage of pilots, the need for cost-effective training and upskilling tools increases. To learn more, the Fix This team chatted with Mikhail Klassen, chief technology officer of Paladin AI. Paladin AI is a technology startup focused on training the next generation of pilots with data, machine learning, and human expertise with its training tool, InstructIQ. Listen in to discover how Paladin AI builds on Amazon Web Services (AWS), how machine learning and data can be used to deliver personalized, adaptable trainings, and why the cloud is an integral piece of the puzzle.

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Guest Speakers

 Mikhail Klassen Headshot
Mikhail Klassen Headshot

Mikhail Klassen

Mikhail is a recognized expert in data mining and machine learning. He studied applied physics and applied math at Columbia University before completing a PhD in computational astrophysics. He cofounded Paladin AI and serves as the chief technology officer. 


02:55 - Using artificial intelligence to build new pilot training tools
04:24 - Industry transition to competency-based training
05:58 - Challenges to solve with Instruct IQ
10:25 - Why Paladin AI builds on AWS
12:38 - Cost savings for airlines
14:59 - The future of Paladin AI

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