System1 Biosciences Uses AWS-Enabled Platform to Support Neurotherapeutics Modeling and Discovery


Industry Challenge

To develop novel drugs to treat neurological diseases, researchers need an effective way to model genetic drivers of those diseases.

System1 Biosciences Uses AWS-Enabled Platform for Neurotherapeutics Modeling and Discovery (30:55)

Using AWS CloudFormation to deploy our stack has been one of the best decisions of our organization."

Doug Flanzer
Chief Technology Officer, System1 Biosciences

System1 Biosciences' Solution

System1 Biosciences is a neurotherapeutics company using cutting-edge technology to close the gap in drug availability for neurological diseases due to failure in current clinical models. As its foundation, the company uses patient-derived organoids, or living brain tissue grown from stem cells to provide a representative human in vitro model of disease. To enable preclinical drug discovery using this model, System1 Biosciences has developed a platform that augments traditional biology with automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics in the cloud. Using the platform, “humans use the control systems to create experiments that drive the automation. The automation creates data that’s pushed to the pipeline. The pipeline executes compute environments intended to reveal deep phenotypes, which create the data that humans use to identify potential new drug targets to plan the next experiments,” says Doug Flanzer, chief technology officer at System1 Biosciences.

Benefits of Using AWS

As a small company that nevertheless needs access to powerful, versatile computing capability, System1 Biosciences turns to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for compute, scale, cost management, and other solutions in the cloud. “Using AWS CloudFormation to deploy our stack has been one of the best decisions of our organization,” says Flanzer. The company also uses machine learning and advanced analytics. “These comprehensive analytics sort of drive our preclinical drug discovery from target ID to other aspects of research,” says Flanzer. And the data involved in those processes is enormous. System1 Biosciences stores huge amounts of data including high-resolution microscopy images and high-frequency video, genomic and proteomic data, and more. Using AWS resources, System1 Biosciences is able to keep the costs of managing this data in check.

About System1 Biosciences

A neurotherapeutics company based in San Francisco, System1 Biosciences aims to use a technology-driven approach to investigate patient-derived organoid modeling to discover new ways to treat neurological diseases.

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